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Girls On Film
It's the first day of school for Anna Percy at Beverly Hills High School after moving from the East Coast. On Anna's flight from New York to L.A., Anna meets Princeton freshman Ben Birnbaum. Although Anna thought Ben might be "the" guy, Ben ditched her on New Year's Day at 1 a.m. in the order to resuce a female friend. Anna renews an acquaintance with Samantha Sharpe, daughter of famous actor Jackson Sharpe. Sam's father has just married 21 year old ...
Tall Cool One
Anna Percy is a gorgeous high school senior living in posh Beverly Hills, California. Anna hangs out with a jet set crowd and has recently transplanted from the East Coast to California. After the divorce many years ago of her parents, Jonathan and Jane, Anna and her older sister Susan lived with their mother in Manhattan while her father lived in L.A. When Susan is released from an alcohol and drug treatment center, Jane Percy flies in from Italy in ...