Make money by submitting reviews!

Here's how it works. Until further notice, every time you submit a review, you are credited with a certain amount of money, if the following circumstances are met.

Submitting a review of a book or movie not currently in our database: 1 dollar.

Submitting a review of a book or movie currently in our database: 5 cents.

IN ORDER TO ACTUALLY GET PAID THIS CREDIT, OUR EDITORS MUST ADD YOUR REVIEW TO OUR DATABASE AND MAKE IT PUBLICALLY AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE. If we reject your review, you do NOT get this credit. If we add your review but, for whatever reason, delete it from the site before you reach the Payout Minimum, you do NOT get credit

Once your total amount earned reaches a minimum of $30 ("the Payout Minimum"), we will mail you a check for that amount, unless you request us to hold off until you earn a greater amount. (This payment does not make you an employee of,, or

IF YOU DO NOT REACH THE PAYOUT MINIMUM STATED ABOVE, WE HAVE NO OBLIGATION, EVER, to pay you the amount earned; if you never earn enough to reach the Payout Minimum, you will never get paid, and will be considered to have forfeited your right to payment.

The maximum payout amount for a reviewer is $400.

We reserve the right at any time to change the amounts we credit per review, and/or the minimum required to mail a check, and/or any of the terms listed on this webpage. We also reserve the right at any time to terminate this program and/or replace it with another one; if we do, we will only pay those who have not already been paid and who exceed the Payout Minimum.

In case of disputes, you agree that we are the final arbiter of how much money, if any, you are owed and if/when you are to be paid. These terms shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York.

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