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shininglight posts a message on 5/11/2008 7:35:08 PM Re the 5/11/08 48 Hours program about Ashley the babysitter makes me wander about Freya's mom and her apparent lack of parental care and protection. If a mom spends extended time in a bedroom and/or out of the house with a boyfriend (convicted of drug use) while her baby is in an "unfurnished" house no matter what babysitter is supposed to be taking care of the baby, isn't there something wrong with the mother's parenting ability? The real "murderer" as I see it was the mother not the teenager! Also, to Ashley's parents and the rest of us-hope we learned a valuable lesson about letting our kids "work" for or spend time with parents like Morningstar. And about putting this kind of responsibility on young teens. I had an acquaintance leave her 4 year old in the care of her "boyfriend" who apparently was tripping out. End result the same. The four year old died. Mom cried, but her partying ended tragically for her also.

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