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posts a message on 6/6/2006 1:15:01 PM It was a 707-300. Specifically it was a a 707-349C which is a cargo version. The actual aircraft used in the movie was a Flying Tiger 707 tail# N324F.
Manuel Molina posts a message on 1/28/2006 11:20:57 AM I am trying to duplicate a model of the Boeing 707 used in the movie "Airport". Does anyone know what type of Boeing 707 was used? Expample Boeing 707-420, 707-320? Thanks!
Ed Kelley posts a message on 1/15/2006 12:38:14 AM The only problem with the original review on this site is with the plane models listed. The plane that got stuck in the snow is NOT a 747 (wide body, 400+ passenger). It was a 707. Also, the plane that had the bomb is NOT a 727 (3 engines in the tail). It too was a 707.

Daniel Staebler posts a message on 2/11/2005 7:36:46 AM Hi, There is a zone 2 DVD available at commercial websites in Europe if you own a multi-zone DVD-player.Regards
Gary Inman posts a message on 2/10/2005 4:54:33 PM How can I obtain a copy of this movie? I have looked around and nobody seems to have a copy of it. Thanks Gary

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