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Karen Emanuelson posts on 11/17/2005 11:03:05 PM Exciting news everyone: Deborah Boehm has translated another Akimitsu Takagi book! This is will be a translation triumph, an unbeatable combination of the work of an excellent, evocative, lyrical Japanese writer having the subtleties of his work translated by an American woman who is well aware of shades of meaning, semantics and the significance of Japanese cultural differences to Western/English readers. Be sure to get this new book & if you haven't read the first Takagi book translated by Ms. Boehm, be sure to buy The Tattoo Murder Case.
Deborah Boehm posts on 10/22/2005 9:58:16 PM Classic Google serendipity: I was trying to find some Japanese reviews of an untranslated mystery by Akimitsu Takagi when I stumbled upon your wonderful site. This message is to explain to Karen Emanuelson that the two Takagi mysteries that followed THE TATTOO MURDER CASE had been translated and published years ago, and Soho Press simply republished them. I greatly appreciated her generous and perceptive evaluation of my translation of TTMC, and wanted to let her know that I am preparing to begin a translation of another Takagi title. With aloha and best wishes to mystery-lovers everywhere, Deborah Boehm

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