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Tammy posts on 9/12/2007 12:35:23 PM If you enjoy "The Ghost and" series... Check out the Coffehouse Mysteries written under the name Cleo Coyle. They are written by the same team as this series. You won't be disappointed.
Nancy posts on 8/8/2007 4:19:54 PM I discovered this series by accident and could not be happier!!After the Ghost and Mrs.McClure I had to read the rest of them . I look foward to the next one.
Brenda posts on 8/2/2007 9:08:39 PM I just happened to find the Ghost and Mrs. McClure while looking for something to read at the Harry Potter Bash at Borders. I started reading and couldn't put it down! Now I've finished The Ghost and the Dead Deb and can't wait to read the next one! Please keep writing these books--they are terrific!!

Little posts on 7/3/2007 7:05:06 PM Alice Kimberly now has a third mystery in her Haunted Bookshop series. If you have read The Ghost and Mrs. McClure (book 1) and The Ghost and the Dead Deb (book 2), you will be happy to know there is a third title in this series: The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library (book 3). Her fourth book is to come out in 2008 and is titled The Ghost and the Femme Fatale.
Ann M. Gutierrez posts on 7/3/2007 3:21:23 PM I keep looking on the web - especially on amazon looking for a new book and have not found anything. Are you (hopefully) working on a new book for us devoted fans? Please don't disappoint us. Let us know when to expect next book. Good luck and keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your talent and imagination with us. Ann Marie
Pat Benson posts on 11/11/2006 2:41:08 PM To all the people looking for Alice's book titled All My Pretty Friends... if you haven't figured it out yet... that must have been a working title.. the published title is The Ghost And The Deb. the first book Alice and starting on the second one. Pat
posts on 8/31/2006 8:55:19 AM I also have the question. Will this book be released or have there been problems? I have really been waiting for it to come out
J. Hurford posts on 10/7/2005 1:17:36 PM Ms. Kimberly - Your new series is great. I love the ghost (okay, I'd like to date the ghost), Penelope, the town - everything. The romantic tension and wise-cracking between Penelope and Jack is great, I love the detail in all the flashback scenes, and now I want to read books by Spillane, Hammer, etc. I am eagerly anticipating the next one (and the one after that . . .) I am very curious, of course, about Jack's demise, and the role of mysterious Uncle Nick, but I can wait. I have no suggestions for you - I think I'll leave the book writing to you, and the book buying to me. Thanks for a great series - keep up the good work.
Leila posts on 5/24/2005 1:24:47 AM After reading reviews from other Web. sites, anxious to go to Barnes & Noble to buy my copy. I love this Web. site and wish more people could find it. I did just by accident. Enjoying the other Message Boards of other favorite authors that are listed. THANK YOU!!!
Little posts on 4/22/2005 10:42:26 PM Alice Kimberly's next books is coming out in Septebmer 2005. Its title is "The Ghost and the Dead Deb." Amazon has the title listed but no cover yet. Looking forward to reading how Jack and Penelope solve the next case!
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