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Mac posts on 12/5/2007 10:39:52 PM I am doing a report on Alicia and I feel so sorry for her. I am about the age she was at the end of the war. I can't imagine what it must have been like to go through that. I wish I could get a chance to meet her and tell her how amazing she was.
alexis posts on 8/1/2007 2:07:03 PM I would like to see the book Alicia:My Story made into a movie. It would be a great way to teach todays people what you went thur.
Hasjim Supardan posts on 5/23/2007 11:42:04 AM I am glad Alicia is such an idol among the children. She deserves it because she was only a child(but doing things that many adults would not be able to do) when she cheated death on so many occasions. I am not a child, in fact I am only 2 years younger than Alicia. I also went through a lot under the Japanese Gestapo during the war. The Japanese Gestapo was called the Kempetei. Like the Gestapo they were also very cruel, but what I experienced during the 4 year occupation of Indonesia by the Japanese, it was "nothing" compared to what Alicia experienced under the Gestapo. I really admired her courage and her quick thinking to get away from danger. I hope to be able to correspond (by E-mail)with Alicia if she could find the time before we get too old. Wish you and your family the best of luck. Hasjim S.

sarah posts on 5/11/2007 5:10:38 PM I am a higschooler now. I read your book in middle school. I sobbed and sobbed as I read your story. I shuddered and i had nightmares of it for a year. I woke up crying adn screaming. When i read your book i felt everything you felt, i felt like it was happening to me. I kept on praying every night that i could go back in time and make sure Hitler didn't come to power so i can prevent the Holocaust and world war II. I used to lay awake thinking about what i would do. I feel so powerless as a young woman, i wish i could change so many things in the world and in history, but i cannot. I have been through a lot in my life, but i got through it. I can't imagine going through so and still having the will to live. I feel the pain and loss of every character in the books i read. It hurts me and makes me sad to know that the holocaust surviors are real people, not characters in a story. I hated myself for the longest time after i first learned about the Holocaust. I felt responsible for it because i am mostly German and for looking like hitler's "aryian" race. I can't stand two things in life, hatred and anger. They both cause corruptions in society and pain for people. Nothing good comes from hate or anger. I feel ashamed of my generation, they are so disrespectful. Society today is corrupt. I would gladly go through everything every Jewish, Slavic, Homosexual, Handicap people and every other person who suffered from the S.S., Gestapo and Nazis so that the Holocaust could have been prevented. You have gave me inspiration, hope and determination. You are my role model. I have a goal now, and that's to become president of the United States so I can influence the world. I hope to change the world. I want to make the world as perfect as humanity allows. I wish everyone could get along. i wish that people wouldn't target people of a certain antionality, color, religion or race. I wish we could all get along, but i know that will probably only happen in the Kingdom Of God. I aplogize to you and to every Holocaust survivor and to all those lost souls who were hurt or killed in the Holocaust and in the war. I apologize on behalf of my ancestors if they took any part in killing you or your families or locking you up in concentration camps. I apologize for my brothers and sisters in god. I will keep all of you in my prays, but i will keep you in my heart always, Alicia. I hope one day i will get to meet you, that would be a great honor.
Rebekah posts on 5/10/2007 10:29:20 AM Alicia, in my 7th grade language arts class we are learning about the Holocaust, and had to read a book on it I chose to read your story. After reading it I was awestruck in what you went through yet you still continued to help others in a tremendous way! Now in school I am doing a Poster on you and your life but the only resource I have is from your book. So if there is any other way that I could contact you, like through e-mail I would appreciate it if somehow you could give it to me(your e-mail) so I could get a few more of my unanswered questions answered .You are an unbelievable woman and have truly inspired me to help others as much as I can! Thank you. Rebekah
dakota posts on 4/28/2007 10:49:31 AM i did not read your book, but i am doing a report on you because my friends have read your book. and from what i have heard, you are truly amazing!! and i have read parts of your book. Just enough parts to tell me that you are my idol. i think what happend to you and your family is really sad. But even though i dont really know you in person, i am proud of you. :) P.S. i am 12 year old girl. :):):)
jessie posts on 12/22/2006 11:12:34 AM I am currently reading your book page 266 Something inside of me keeps screaming find this woman tell her how amazing she is I am only 24 I could never survive 1/8 of what you have you are truly the most amazing woman that i have ever read about I cannot wait to finish your book Is there any way that I can contact you phone, write you a letter etc?
Anonymous posts on 12/21/2006 6:53:01 PM I am reading your book right now and it is so amazing how you overcame everything that was thrown in your path. You are such a stong woman and I can't wait to finish your book.
Kelly Clayman posts on 11/12/2006 6:50:53 PM Alicia- I just finished your book and was deeply touched. I am convinced that it is of utmost importance that the young children of today hear a Holocaust survivor speak in person while there are still some living. I am willing to coordinate lectures of this nature with local schools but need to know how to get started. Mainly I need to know of Holocaust survivors in the Austin Texas area. Can you put me in touch with any? How do I locate them? Thank you for your message, Kelly Clayman
Katie James posts on 10/20/2006 3:00:17 PM In english we are supposed to do a biography over a survivor of the holocaust and I picked you! I have some information about you and I am gonna read your book but if you have any other intersting facts could you please tell me.?
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