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Cathi posts on 1/5/2006 3:36:32 PM Alicia, I have read your book twice, and absolutely love it. I am sorry for what the Germans did to you and your family. That was absolutely horrible. I couldn't imagine going through what you have been through. I have emailed you before, and your husband replied back. I was just wondering how you are and if you were replying back to your readers. I think you are truly a wonderful, and brave person, and I feel like I know you just by reading your book.
krysteena blevins posts on 11/28/2005 9:51:53 PM Hi Alicia My name is Krysteena Blevins. My local library doesn't carry your books. I was wondering if you could help me learn more about what you went through. Would you please help me out with my school project. You may contact me at 928-627-9402
Paige Harwood posts on 11/16/2005 8:34:32 PM Hi My name is paige and I have read your book twice and absolutley love it. Tommorrow I have to do a presentation for my class and I chose you. You are my hero and I wish you could come to my school so everyone meet you and find out how amzing you really are. I hope some day I can meet you in person. Thanks for telling us your story

jen posts on 11/12/2005 11:26:47 PM hi im jen and i have read your book about 3 times now and it still amazes me how such a young girl had so much courage and wisdom. Thank you for writing this book. It is very important and you will and forever remain my heroine. take care and thank you
Tamar Reuveni posts on 11/1/2005 2:03:51 AM My twin sister Irit Lapidot and I have recently returned from a tour of the Ukraine, which included a visit to Buchach. your book was the gate trough which we were led into the events of those days and thus were able to sense the city and its surroundings. Your astounding autobiography and its fluent style raises the question of why has it not yet been translated into Hebrew. The book deserves to reach the Israeli public, who has shown an increased interest over the years in the experiences of holocaust survivors. This letter is only part if a longer letter that we tried to send to the eMail address that is mentioned on your internet site. However all our attempts to use this address failed. Please inform us how to contact you in order to receive answers to several questions we wish to ask Sincerely and Tamar Reuvani
andrew martinez posts on 10/30/2005 10:50:10 AM alicia i just finished your book i can't even begin to tell you how sorry iam for what happened to you and your family and for all the jewish people in europe during that horrible time in history you have deeply touched with your courage and strength and faith i feel now i can tackle any thing that happens in life thanks to you we should never complain about anything please let me know if you receive andrew
Jessica Fisher posts on 10/11/2005 12:42:38 AM I read this book, for two reasons, I had to and I wanted to. The book touched me so much. Alica, you are so strong. You inspire me in so many ways. Im so thankful that you wrote this book. And that I was able to learn from it. You made it through so much, and still manage to live life to the fullest. You are an incredible lady.
CIndy Bush posts on 10/10/2005 9:33:42 AM I need Alicia's address. My students created a tribute book for her after reading her story and I would like to be able to send it to her.
Lori Wallace posts on 10/7/2005 1:14:34 PM I just wanted to let you know that your book touched me. I don't remember studying much about the Holocaust. Maybe cause I just couldn't understand it, back when I was in school. I am glad that I read your book. It is all thanks to my mother. She was visiting me from San Diego, and she left it at my house for me to read. Your book, I had hard times putting it down. It made me cry, and I got very interested in what was going on back then. If you have more books that you have written. I would like to know what they are, and where to find them. You are an excellent writer. Shalom....
Renee Wallace posts on 10/4/2005 6:00:42 PM Alicia, i have just recently finished your book ALICIA, MY STORY and i liked reading it. Because i read it i have been extremely interested in the Holocoust and every thing that happened during it. My English teached is planing on taking us to the place where the Holocaust sorvivers take about thier time during the Holocaust. i would like to meet you and hear first hand of your experience. Maybe one day i will. Renee Wallace
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