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me posts on 1/25/2008 6:00:50 PM I did like Wyvernhail, but... there were some disappointing things about it. I always really liked Hai in the other books, she was always really different. But with this one written from her point of view, she wasn't really that unique. I had the same problem with Snakecharm. I Loved Zane in Hawksong, but I did Not like him in Snakecharm. I've kind of noticed that all of her heroines are almost exactly alike. The other thing was Nicias. He's one of my favorite characters, and I think Falcondance might be my second favorite book of the series. But I hated how even though they were together, it never really said anything about him loving Hai. He cared about her yes, but... it wasn't the same. There should have been a defining moment when it was like, yes, he loves her. I hated how she was like "I can't replace Oliza for him." or something like that. It was sad and disappointing and made me kind of angry with Nicias. Oh well. I guess apart from that it was pretty good. If she meant for this one to clear everything up though and be the last one, I guess I don't really get how everything was solved so that the avians and serpiente really can live together side by side.
Sare posts on 1/24/2008 9:45:32 PM I truly loved the book wolf cry I just finished it an am on my way to get the next one. I wasn't at all disgusted with the idea i thought it was great that she she left a place she loved for her people I hope you write more on The wolf and the Wyvern
Kel posts on 12/26/2007 11:53:44 PM Hey guys, I just wanted to clear up a few points: 1) Oliza is part avian part serpente. If she were to have a child by anyone, then that kid would grow up with crazy powers, go mad, and kill everyone. Amelia stated it in the book numerous times. The only way for Oliza to have a loving relationship where she could express that love freely where she wouldn't conceive a child would be for her to be with another girl. 2) Comparing the gay lifestyle to serial killers and terrorists is completely backwards. People don't like the serial killer lifestyle or the terrorist lifestyle because those two lifestyles hurt other people. The gay lifestyle doesn't hurt anyone. Period. It's consenting love between two people. The End. Thank you.

faye posts on 11/15/2007 6:23:37 AM is Hai a wyvern? cuz she is part cobra and part falcon
Reika posts on 9/7/2007 11:20:26 PM GOSH people do you have to beat her up about her books!? This doesn't go out to everyone who has posted but really! I have sorry for when she reads this cause I would just like OMG do they hate me or something and I really don't care what people say about me. I didn't read WolfCry or whatever it is called. But you dont have to bash on it about being stupid and crap because of someone going Lesb. Im you good at LEAST be nice about the way you say it! Also people who say the book is boring or doesn't have a twist blah blah blah. Ummm I think you should try to write a book then try to get it published and after that get criticed ALOT!!! But hoping that a few people like it and demand for more and then have to appeal to those people and hope they will like that book! I IS REALLY HARD!!! So dont go trashing her books and stuff unless you have tried!
asdf posts on 8/11/2007 10:27:51 PM this book was poorly written. it was hard to follow as there was no flow AT ALL and the writing is very immature. the only thing i found entertaining were the characters but there was hardly a plot, no suspense, and the endings, like many of her books, are not well wrapped up, and if its supposed to hang like that, i think it didnt give the effect desired. but mainly there was no plot... sure vampire hunter goes into vampire building falls in love blah blah... but no suspense nothing unexpected no TWISTS. it was all predictable and that was a bore. sorry atwater your books arent that interesting, except the characters, but of course anyone can make up a character and give it a few worthwhile descriptions and actions, but plot takes skill, something you lack
Sk8r Girl posts on 8/8/2007 12:19:21 PM wow, she goes gay? THat's kinda... I can't even explain it.
Anonymous posts on 8/8/2007 1:04:02 AM So you'd rather her have a kid and it destroys everything? STFU and deal with it don't act like a five year old brat. its a fictional book.
ew oliza posts on 8/2/2007 8:36:59 PM i loved hawksong but wolfcry was just weird... oliza goes all lesbo with the wolf. that kinda RUINED THE WHOLE SERIES FOR ME... it was cute with danica and zane but gayness is overstepping it a bit
Wolf posts on 7/16/2007 1:52:49 PM Leave her alone X( so a charecter is gay? What if the author herself is a lesbian will you stop reading her books??
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