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posts on 4/17/2006 11:53:51 AM hello. my name is Keli, and i am doing a history project on how Apartheid affected literature. i was wondering if you could help out? here are the questions: 1. what was the postion of S.A authors before Apartheid? 2. how did this change during Apartheid? 3. how did Apartheid affect authors financially? 4. how did Apartheid affect their exposure? 5. how did Apartheid affect the lifestyle of authors? 6. what constrictions were there, and what was the punishment? 7. how did Apartheid affect the style of literature in SA? 8. how did Apartheid affect the material that the authors read and were exposed to? 9. how did the government secure the content of the literature being released? 10. do you feel literature affected the end of Apartheid in any way, and made a difference?

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