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Kimber Allday posts on 2/22/2006 5:04:28 AM I am most sorry to hear about ms.Andre Norton I have become to love the conspired work of the half blood cronicles as much as I enjoyed the full complete set of the valdemarn books I am most curious if the fourth book was completed or if ms. Lackey is going to complete the tale for her. I keep going back thru the books and it is like I keep thirsting for the rest of the story I can't help but to feel selfish and I know that is bad but your books have brought me back to reading after 20 some odd years of not doing so and now I am simply adicted to these stories. It's like I get into them and I can't put them down as I read them I can picture the scenes in my head and they are wonderful. thank you for waking me up to a world I forgot existed. the world of fantacy and imagination.

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