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Adnamarine posts on 1/5/2007 12:36:49 PM Um, romance when they're 12 and 13? I highly doubt it. And, yes, I see where you're coming from with the burned hands, but I don't think he did it necessarily because he liked her. He didn't know his hands were going to get burned. And even while they were getting burned he couldn't just let go, although he did eventually. If Jenna got tagged they would all be followed. And even if he didn't like her like that she was still his best friend's 'sister', and it's not like he would wish Simon on her. He hardly knows her and doens't have anything against her. So really, the reason he did is because there was no reason not to. He was helping out the group. It was the normal thing to do. Anything that came after Jenna would be after them to because Sep wouldn't abandon her and Wolf boy wouldn't abandon Sep. I just don't think it was because he liked her. If in the 2nd book they had been a lot older than in the 1st I might still hope that by the 3rd they are old enough, but there's no way now. Oh well. Not every book can have the perfect romance. I don't think I want wolf boy to have a girl anyway. I like wolf boy, and I don't think I woud like him with a girl.
Adnamarine posts on 1/2/2007 8:30:21 PM Thanks Pisces. Nicko can't go bad. I love Nicko. Besides, he has no motivation. Simon isn't going to stay bad. He's going to go back to the good side which is quite steroetypical, but I suppose there's no help for that. I hope she can pull it off credibly, without making it cheesy and... stereotypical. I'm not quite sure she's up to it. I wish that they were older! How can Septimus be ELEVEN? Isn't that how old they said he was? In the first one I was entertaining hopes that there might be romance between him and Jenna, but they are decidedly brother and sister. Now I'm counting on Wolf Boy, except they're TOO YOUNG! It's really starting to annoy me. One of the additional things these books need to make them perfect is good romance. But I'm not sure she could pull that off either, so I suppose it's just as well that there isn't going to be any.
Pisces posts on 12/4/2006 8:04:57 PM Adnamarine if you didn't notice some asked that question a long time ago and the book comes out in Q3 of 2007 and its called physiks.

NO posts on 12/4/2006 6:35:41 PM I think that Nicko should turn in the third book
Pisces posts on 12/2/2006 6:25:20 PM I think Simmon should be meaner, in the books then he is I mean his jealous of his little brother right. NZ you like these books too, whict ones your favortie i liked flyte the best magyk was cool but I think Simmon really made the second one worth reading (thats only my opinion) I go for the bad guys if it wasn't for them the books would be to goody, goody, tell me if I'm not right. by the way when were you born? I was born march 14.
Adnamarine posts on 11/19/2006 3:57:26 PM I love Nicko. I love brothers in books. They're awesome. I still need to read Flyte. Is the 3'rd out yet? I have no idea. I think Jenna and Septimus are gonna hook up eventually. When they get a bit older.
Frannie posts on 11/19/2006 12:13:08 AM I get her books done in like one week and I love her books, she needs to write another book. I would so totaly get up at like one in the morning just to buy it. I love the books. My faveorite book is probably Flyte. My fave charicter is probably Jenna or Nicko. I love Angie Sage yay. She is so awsome
NZ posts on 10/23/2006 10:24:50 PM Not like there's anyone here anyways! Lol, I guess "nobody" will mind! Lol :P
Shiningstar posts on 10/23/2006 10:19:35 PM Ill start posting here too! i havnt read the books though, and that might be a problem. lol
NZ posts on 10/23/2006 10:11:41 PM Wow, no posts for a long time. Maybe I'll start posting:D Okay, I've read the first one, need to read second. LOL I really dont have much to say. Does anyone I know come here? I only see names as post!
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