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posts on 6/12/2006 5:05:19 PM The fourth book title is Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood it has to be about Bridget mainly since the others were about the other characters, Do Bridget and Eric stay together and does he visit her??????
posts on 6/10/2006 6:31:42 PM i hope there is going to be a fourth book b/c i rellay liked the other books and i like the girls alot
posts on 6/5/2006 11:33:19 PM i know i can't wait for the 4th book. has any one heard if there is going to be a 2nd movie?

posts on 6/4/2006 9:41:37 PM The color of the 4th book is yellow, I saw it at the Barnes&Noble website. I thought everybody would like to know!
posts on 6/1/2006 5:45:48 PM Do authors even come on these boards? Just a question, since lots of people seem to talk to the author when writting
posts on 6/1/2006 5:36:04 PM Thank you so much for making a fourth book! I cant wait until january 2007! I love your books! Pleasemake a fifth book and make it 1000 pages!
posts on 5/29/2006 12:28:56 PM Has anyone noticed that there are two message boards for these books?
posts on 5/29/2006 2:53:26 AM I AM SO IN LOVE WITH UR BOOKS I AM SO BUYING Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood ON Jan. 9, even though like the next day is my nephew's brithday!!
posts on 5/23/2006 3:23:55 PM I just heard about Forever In Blue...can't wait! We even started a sisterhood because of these fantastic books! <3 us
posts on 5/22/2006 5:09:02 PM OK so basically I'm in love with the books! There HAS to be a fourth one or I will literally cry!
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