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Helena posts on 1/3/2009 3:39:04 PM I have only read the summary and review of the book, but I do plan on purchasing it after I read the two books that was purchased for me on Christmas. I came to give the author support and praise for rising above the ignorance that they were raised within. I too was raised in a family of hate,12-siblings, and for the most part it was my mother who did the psychological and physical abuse. She targeted her daughers and those of us with the lighter complexions and who reflected intelligence were treated the worst. Behaviors are learned and since I was targeted more than the others, mostly because the others turned to drugs and were beaten down, and I continued to hold on strong. The continued attacks came from my female siblings mostly, but some of my brothers too have picked-up where my mother left off. Mostly joining the ban-wagon. However, my sisters were literally plotting to prove me crazy, instead of them looking like the obvious enviers that they are, and they wanted to shut me down, afraid that my talents would not only prove them wrong but expose them. Today I am 43-years-old and I divorced my family about 3-4 years ago, but they continue to pursue me and recently I lost a job through a local paper, a article was ran about me, introducing me to our community. They read it. After being hired knowing my family, they had called a past employer attempting to have me terminated. So this time I warned my employer, my employer mistook it as simply sibling rivalry. about a week after I resume my responsibilities my family members begin submitting things to my columns. I was directed to redirect that work to another coworker. They were aware of this because, as I was directed I responded to their email, thank them for their submission, and advised them where and who was handling their work. That wasn't good enough of course, because the goal was to harm me and nothing would stop them. Two months later my family phoned my employer and whatever was said it was enough to cause my employer to ask me to quit and finally offer me a severance package, although I had only been there for 2 months, and then they terminated me. Although my mother is the advocator of this continued aggressive hated towards me. However, all of my sisters are grown adults and have come from the same place that I have, and if I can seperate my behaviors from my mothers then then they can too as adults. Much love for you for rising above it and I look forward to reading the book!
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