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posts on 7/22/2006 8:51:35 AM I think it's Delphinea & Nessa on the cover of Silver's Edge. Great book.
posts on 7/21/2006 4:54:03 PM silver's lure is DONE! the final edits are in and the book's in production!
posts on 7/21/2006 2:49:18 PM Greetings. I am almost finished reading Silver's Edge - what a fantastic book! It is so hard to put down. I love the Celtic Fantasy genre. Would you tell me which characters are pictured on the cover of the book? I have a debate going with my husband over this issue that must be settled. Thanks!

posts on 6/15/2006 8:49:45 AM you made my day, marlene! thank you for telling me about your mom and please give her a big hug back. it is totally my fault the book will be delayed. i am especially thrilled to hear the books are being read in the netherlands . the first foreign rights i ever sold to my first trilogy, the pattern and the power series published by warner in 95, 96 and 97. were dutch. i have some very cool dutch copies of my first books. i can't read dutch, of course. but i know what it says :) so thanks again and yes, blame me!
posts on 6/15/2006 8:12:24 AM Hi Anne. I just want to let you know how much your books are being appreciated by my mom. I am a bookcrosser (I am from The Netherlands) and someone gave me Silver's Edge. Now I am not a real fantasy reader, so I gave it to my mom to read. She absolutely loved it and immediately ordered Silver's bane. The poor woman is totally hooked on the series now :-). On a Dutch book buying site, they have book 3 Silver's Lure already for sale, but reading this I assume this is not true. I will have to tell my mom this bad news. I will tell her it is all your fault :-)OK? lol. Well I think I am going to give your books a try now. Keep up the good work!! Marlene
posts on 6/11/2006 9:29:02 PM hi renee.. i am glad you are enjoying silver's edge. the next book is silver's bane. and teh final one is silver's lure... hope that helps!... annie
posts on 6/11/2006 7:22:27 PM Can someone tell me what order these are supposed to be read in. I purchased Silver's Edge and am half-way through. I just noticed Silver's Bane and Silver's Lure on amazon while looking for other books by Anne. Thanks.
posts on 5/23/2006 6:38:12 AM hi kathy - Silver's Lure is scheduled for DECEMBER this year... the reason for the delay is entirely my fault... two weddings in the past year and a lot of family upheaval made me late with the manuscript... thanks for your interest and i hope you find the story worth the wait!
posts on 5/20/2006 2:49:39 PM Annie, when will SL be out on the street? Harlequin lists it as June and Amazon lists it as September. Do you know which month it is? I'm anxious to read it :)
posts on 5/10/2006 8:50:48 AM hi steve - you're right, that book was planned to have a sequel that warner, unfortunately declined to publish. i'm hopeful that if my luna books do well, perhaps harlequin would be interested in reissuing KHM, and allowing me to finish the sequel.... thanks for asking, though,im glad you liked the story well enough to wonder :).
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