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Heidi posts on 4/10/2012 6:54:02 PM Dear Anne, Just read, "Other Mothers" in May 2012 Good Housekeeping, thank you!! Thank you for giving me the reason I have always looked for "mothers" throughout my life. I was born the 5th, and last child in a loving family. I have cerebral palsy, and for some reason my mother blamed herself for my disability, and put up a wall. I have been blessed like you, in having various women throughout my life who have stepped in to affirm, and encourage, and love me. Like you shared in your last two sentences...I have been able to share being "Mom" to my 4 biological children, two foster babies, my adopted daughter as well as others who come through my door. The Bible says: all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes. Now I see the good...thank you for opening my eyes :) Warmly Heidi
Suzanne posts on 10/7/2010 3:44:40 PM Why did the name of the character originally introduced in "Rosie" as Sharon Thackery change in "Imperfect Birds?"
Kathy posts on 12/14/2009 3:36:06 AM Help me with a few questions to start my Book club's discussion of Crooked Little Heart. Thanks, Kathy

Robin posts on 7/9/2005 6:31:33 PM I am interested in possible book club questions related to Plan B. Would appreciate any ideas!
Rebekah posts on 6/10/2005 6:20:33 PM Anne - if you read these - I went to a very small, private Christian school in rural Indiana and became dear friends with a girl that I feel is you with maybe one line different in the fingerprint. She is hurting right now - depressed, abuses substances and has been for over three years - now her phone number is changed (we don't live in the same state anymore) and I am worried that she doesn't want to be alive. I know your writing touches her soul and shows her God - would you be willing to write her a letter or contact her - it would be like looking in a mirror before the cat got let in. I'm also writing you a letter through your agency - Thank you - Rebekah
Peyre Lumpkin posts on 4/14/2005 9:32:54 AM What a chauvinist. I can't stand people with no empathy. It surprises me that one could read this book and come away with such a shallow conclusion. Of course she is selfish and self-indulgent and whiny. That's the whole point of the book. She is completely open and honest in her evaluation of herself and it is a lesson to all of us. We are ALL, selfish, whiny and self-indulgent. The question is, can you look hard at yourself and admit it? Can you laugh about your weakness or do you cover it up with a show of machismo? Anne Lamott and I are the exact same age. If we had known each other growing up we would be friends. To tell you the truth, as I read "Traveling Mercies" I found myself falling in love with her. (in the Platonic sense) Part of that is my "caretaker" instinct, but her brutal honesty about herself makes her story much more than just a list of complaints. Anne has found her way out of a mess, but she is not giving us directions, which is the ultimate act of self-indulgence, but rather she is telling us how she found her "real self." I found it an enjoyable and hopeful story.
Margie MacWilliams posts on 4/12/2005 1:12:54 PM I am reading "Traveling Mercies". It was recommended to me by a wonderfully liberal woman minister. I play piano for a Baptist Church and I have become shocked and appalled by the hate-mongering that I'm hearing. I, too, came to church with a broken life (well,maybe it was just a sprain) and it saved me. But now it's like a love affair gone bad. I won't begin to attempt to describe the affinity I am feeling for you as I read your book, and the amazing parallels in our lives. I am not a writer. But I am a musician. I have felt the urge to contact you since about page 3. But today the "sign" came. I was amazed that you referred to Elijah hearing the "still small voice". I had written a song about that specific text in my frustration over the new American interpretation of religion. I think you would love it. I'm about to record another one about the past election in a couple of weeks. I'd love to send them to you, if you will be so kind as to accept them. Thank you for being there--a voice in this wilderness! Sincerely, Margie M
Ra posts on 4/1/2005 5:06:46 PM barclayagency dot com She does make several appearances each year — speaking engagements or readings. for information (707-773-0654).
April posts on 4/1/2005 4:38:26 PM Any chance Anne will be coming through Chicago or Grand Rapids? I am loving "Plan B" right now.
Arl posts on 3/31/2005 3:49:47 PM I couldn't help but reply to a comment "Joe" left in reference to Ms. Lamott...who are you kidding? If you were any kind of a decent human being you would see that she's not whining or complaining, she's sharing her experiences, she's helping those of us that are single parents and have no idea if what we are doing is right or wrong realize that despite what feels like popular opinion most of the time, someone else is out there just as unsure and scared of life...and since you obviously can not read very well, you missed that there are plenty of male figures in her son's life, good friends, brothers, clergymen, it is men like you that keep women from trusting that there may actually be one of you guys that can be open and honest enough to see life for what it really heck of a roller coaster ride that we are so blessed to experience...and that all of us, no matter what race, sex or religion, hope to have a partner there to share it with....
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