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Donnie R. Fowler posts on 8/8/2007 6:12:25 PM Chill!!! Perhaps your mind would do better at another genre!! Perhaps childrens books? I am an adult, 62 years young and I must admit I haven't seen everything there is to see in this world and have always been fascinated with science fiction/fantasy adventure. The author or authoress as the case may be is writing to the best of their ability about a subject that a lot of people WANT to read! Now I have read a lot of authors and if I didn't care for them, I quietly dropped them and got a different book by a different author. May I suggest you do the same?
Chili posts on 8/8/2007 5:03:28 PM can't believe the bollocks that is being put up here. As far as the dragonriders of pern series is concerned ... it is one of the worst, most boring attempts at writing i have ever seen! I read quite a bit and was looking around for older fantasy/sci-fi authors. I began the dragonrider of pern series but couldn't believe how awful it was. Book after book, horror upon horror! I read through six books in a row believing there must be some saving grace to her writing before acknowledging defeat. The reason i am so pissed off is because i can't believe anyone would read such nonsense and then recommend it to others. She's repititious there's always this person or that person getting a glass of klah! klah this, klah that, fellis this, fellis that. thread!!!. The plot - fighting thread is the dullest, worst, excuse for any book. People pick up a book by J.V.Jones, try Raymond E.Feist. Troy by David Gemmell (His older books are not so good but this one is), Magareth Weis & Tracy Hickman ... Terry Goodkind. The difference between these authors i just mentioned and Anne McCafferey is unmeasurable!
An Autheress Unknown posts on 7/13/2007 12:59:42 PM I am only 13 and I love to read any kind of fiction books but so far Ann McCaffrey is my favorite. I am reading her Dragons of Pern seares and her Acorna seares and I think both are fabulouse. she is oneof the best female authers I know.

Sk8r Girl posts on 7/8/2007 6:30:18 PM I think I got half way through the first book of the dragon riders of pern series, I wonder why I stopped, I guess i'd better finish it!
Anonymous posts on 7/8/2007 12:08:09 PM I want the socially inept next to my name it is not fair!
Adnamarine posts on 1/16/2007 9:02:16 AM Well, I haven't read that book by her, but if the relationship is no different than the other books I can explain it. It's really just this mental connection. Their minds are constantly connected from the moment of Impression. If one of them died it would be agony for the other and it would never be the same again... well, if the dragon died. Because if the human dies then the dragon goes Between. If the dragon dies than the human usually dies as well. If they don't they live a sort of half existence. They're not all there, and they don't really have much of a will to live anymore; the connection is that close. Does that help?
Beth posts on 1/15/2007 6:47:43 PM I loved the book "The Smallest Dragonboy".. I was just wondering if you could explain the relationship between keevan and his dragon to me. I am confused about the relationship, and was hoping you could tell me... Thanks
John W. McCoy posts on 1/1/2007 6:50:36 PM I just watched (1/1/2007) a show on Animal Planet which talked about dragons and found it very interesting. They put together available information from legends of peoples throughout the world and added science to make the dragons "real". In the feature, for example, scientists figured out how the dragons might fly. They decided that the dragons would have hollow bones and other bird-like features but would also have hydrogen-producing bacteria to help make them lighter. They also showed an animation regarding a dragon mating ritual similar to that actually occuring with sea eagles. This ritual involves the intertwining of talons and a drop from high altitude. The animation was quite impressive. I hope you can find the show.
Adnamarine posts on 1/1/2007 6:26:19 PM I'm glad Paolini at least admitted it, but he shouldn't have taken off of McCaffrey. It was obvious and unoriginal. Ann McCaffrey was the first author to come up with the idea of friendly dragons and a mental connection. It wouldn't have been quite so bad if dragons were just friendly and could speak telepathically with humns. But he had everything, from the Impression (though at least he didn't call it that, did he?), to the fact that the dragon can only speak to the human it Impressed. I'm rereading Dragonflight right now. So far it's my favorite of all her books, though I've nowhere near read all of them. F'lar is HOT. The other ones I've read are Dragonquest and all the ones about Menolly . Her thing for Robinton was so weird. I didn't like it. I loved Piemuer:)
Donnie R. Fowler posts on 1/1/2007 5:55:27 PM I see the title of this book on the website, however, I cannot find it anywhere else. Is it part of another book? Or does it stand alone? Where can I find it? Any ideas?
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