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Justin posts on 12/1/2006 4:13:19 PM Hey everyone. Hope you can help. I read a book when I was younger, about 10 or 15 years ago. I cannot remember the name but on the cover was a black dragon fighting a white dragon in the air. The story's basic premise was that there few remaining dragons in the world were split into two camps, good and evil. The dragons, I believe, were somehow linked to each other so that if a dragon died, it's linked partner in the other camp would die also. It also involved humans helping the good dragons. I have been trying to find this book for years. I don't know if it's an Anne McCaffrey book but I thought this would be a good place to ask. Thanks in advance.
Justine posts on 11/26/2006 10:15:57 PM Hey, you might be thinking of Dragonsinger: Harper of Pern? There is a part where Menolly goes to the gather and sees a blue belt, could that be it?
In Need of HELP posts on 11/4/2006 12:24:11 PM there is a fantsay book, i cant remember which one though, where the female main character goes to a market place and while there sees these blue metal swords that she really likes. i know it sounds silly but i really need to know what book that might be one of the dragon books (dragon singer/song , dragon drums, etc.) but im not sure....can anyone help me?

posts on 10/11/2006 6:14:28 AM This is not always true, but, in many cases the list of books appearing in the front of a particular book which is part of a series is the order of publication. Sometimes the publisher will list the series title when the author has more than one series. The publisher then lists, in order, the books belonging with that series. One of the many things I like about Anne McCaffrey's books is that many intertwine or support each other as well as cover a particular time segment.
posts on 9/16/2006 10:44:31 PM My Father got me into the Dragon rider's of Pern Series. I like to call them the Pern series because all of them is not just abought dreagons. I am thankfull for these stories because of them I would have a worse reading level. In sixth gread all I could read was 4th gread or lower reading level books. When I read Dragonflight (although I didn't understand it all)my gread level jump and cought up to me. I try to own all of them as I can. Even Tood's books as well. After years later I re read the book and read more of them and I love that world and wish to live ther thread and all.
posts on 9/11/2006 7:53:10 PM I first read Anne McCaffrey many years ago. I have read every book she has had published. and still own everyone of them. 'Pern' and the Nobel Dragons have always been my favriate. I would like to know what order the books about Pern were written in. I am about to turn 60. And It thrills me no end to see Todd has joined his Mother in continuing this World his Mother has created. Any chance of movies before I Die?
posts on 5/22/2006 2:54:26 PM Yah i have read almost all of them. i love the whight dragon the most out of all of them. if you wish to read any more dragon books read Eragon it is a great book.
posts on 5/20/2006 7:33:48 PM yes but I want to know what char. you think are important and how you think the people might dress.
posts on 5/16/2006 5:43:01 AM Isn't there a character list in the back of the book? there is in mine
posts on 5/10/2006 9:57:35 PM I need a favor I need a list of all major char. from the master herper of pern to um... the skies of pern. it is for a costum class.
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