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ksbookworm posts on 3/4/2006 12:06:19 PM depends on the type and strength of the isolation warning
corsar posts on 3/3/2006 2:46:06 AM but earth gov may change its view, afterall, how many times have former colonies been repossed or atempted by goverments, plus, even if earth did not send colonist what about scientist, surley some scientists would be interested in the planet
Rachael posts on 2/28/2006 11:14:35 AM hi, i've just seen a new mccaffrey book about acorna's daughter in the shops. any one know what its about or if its any good? have no money at the moment so hope it stays on the shelf..

Lady posts on 2/27/2006 5:55:20 PM well, yes, earth's super computers could have solved the thread problem, but once the initial settlers were sent, i think the idea was to leave them alone and never to let them have more contact with earth. i mean, remember in dragonsdawn how everyone getting off the ship was enthusiastic for a society untainted by earth's issues? they were going to leave behind religion (i refuse to comment on THAT), and past history... basically, the start of a new world. i don't think that they were ever supposed to have links with earth again. hola, kay.
kay porter posts on 2/27/2006 5:49:20 PM ya people I gave up on this post board because no one was ever on, I am so happy. :)
corsar posts on 2/24/2006 3:17:43 AM but if the "primitive cpmuter" the settlers can solve the thread problem, why can't earths super computers! this was my essensail point, you would have the high tech new setters against the existitng collonist
Abigelle posts on 2/15/2006 8:41:48 AM hey, I'm a moonset member. Any chance you're Anna smith? anyway, as for the so called 'wierd' post earlier, I say wierd is wonderful, the wierder, the better! Why be identical and boring when you can be unique and... well, WIERD! Trust me hun, I'm as wierd as you can get! chow for now! @;---
Anonymous posts on 2/14/2006 9:46:11 PM if you wonder who i am if you want to know... you already do! YA YA YA!
ksbookworm posts on 2/14/2006 8:01:41 PM corsars... anne maccaffrey made sure there wouldn't be anymore settlers in dragondawn. remember there was a rescue attempt and the one stller that was found on the southern continnet after everybody moved north said all had died but him. so they quarantine the section
Lady posts on 2/14/2006 9:29:04 AM well, mm, basically because that would have destroyed the essence that is pern. pern is another world. it's unique-ness would SEVERELY be altered if they ever met earthlings (pardon the word). it's bad enough that they are learning all that new stuff from aivas (wow, i sound like the abominators, but honestly, i liked old pern better). we know about technology. we know about earth. but pern is an alternate civilization. i don't know about anyone else, but i read McCaffrey because i like PERN, not her style or that sort of thing.
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