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Valerie Preston posts on 11/19/2006 6:13:31 PM Does it really not bother anyone else that this woman, at the age of 16, helped beat another human being to death? Her age had nothing to do with it. When you're 16, you know what you're doing. I avoid driving again over animals who are dead on the road after being unwittingly hit by a car. I can't imagine knowingly killing a living, breathing person by hitting them repeatedly with a brick. And getting only five years. And bouncing back and back-pedaling by saying, "Oh, I don't remember anything, and I was just a girl" (again, at 16, you know) and becoming a hugely rich author who raves about being able to take bubble baths. Where's Honora's bubble bath? She died on a dirt path in horrible pain. She was just trying to be a good mother. I think "Anne Perry" is full of. I think her becoming religious (whoo, 40 whole years!) and pretending that she's someone else now is complete garbage. I think that just because you can write complex stories does not make you a good person. I think she's a dark soul. All of her fans...don't they know, can't they picture this woman helping to pulverize a woman with a brick...even at the age of 16? It's sick! It's wrong! That someone could even do that makes me sick to my stomach. Yet, she's a famous author now. Good for her.
Derrick (Surrey) posts on 11/12/2006 10:52:23 AM I have just started "... at some disputed barricade, " the 4th in the WW1 series. Very gory, but fairly gripping
Wendy (Ontario) posts on 11/7/2006 3:57:32 PM This is where living in the northern part of the new world has its' advantages. We use colour and color, night and nite, sidewalk and pavement. Almost like being bilingual in English! (Sorry, that is a little to weird.) Anyway, it will be interesting to see who gets the books first! I'll have to go on Anne's site to see what the next books are. And, very interesting that we can only post once per day. That does explain a lot. Happy reading everyone.

Derrick (Surrey) posts on 11/7/2006 2:05:56 PM The tensioin is rising! Who will get them first. Simultaneous printings for both sides of the pond in a different language. Just think what Labour and labor; Colour and color lift and elevator (not likely to be in Pitt's time)nor I suppose Bonnet and hood or fender and bumper have cost publishers. Did the Americans have 'tweenies and sculleries in the 1880s. I must say that Sidewalks instead of pavements is more logical.
A. M. Gray (U.S. - Ohio) posts on 11/7/2006 12:54:52 PM I spoke with the Webmaster about the message board and he assured me that everything has been fixed. We'll see! One thing that you may have already noticed is that you can only post one message per day. Perhaps that's why some of our messages are lost. Anne's latest Christmas book, “A Christmas Secret”, came out November 1st so I pre-ordered it just in case. “A Christmas Secret” is set in 1890 England and features the Reverend Dominic Corde (Charlotte Pitt’s former brother-in-law from “The Cater Street Hangman” and “Brunswick Gardens”) and his new wife, Clarice. No other Pitt or Monk books are on the horizon as yet but there are a couple of the WWI books coming as well as a non-series book.
Wendy (Ontario) posts on 11/6/2006 11:46:09 AM Hi all. Have my name on the reserve list for Anne's next two books but neither are in yet! Hopefully soon! I agree that there is probably a problem with the site but, as with running a car, I know very little how it is to be fixed. (My father wouldn't let me drive until I could change a tire, a windshield wiper, check the oil and transmission fluid. That was over 35 years ago and guess which ONE I have ever done.... ) Anyway, good luck with the site!
pms posts on 11/3/2006 10:11:09 PM I have the new book on order and should have it it a few days. I will let you know as soon as I read it. It is about Pitt. I have'nt read any reviews but I think it will be that he has to stay in London for the holiday.
Derrick(Surrey) posts on 11/3/2006 5:13:37 PM Has anybody managed to get the latest (no4) that was due out in October? If you did how about doing a review - without revealing the ending. Is the new Christmas one out yet? I think this is the longer one about Pitt instead of his relatives. Did anyone ever hear any more about our reader who emigrated to Israel - can one buy Anne's books in Jerusalem I wonder.
pms posts on 10/30/2006 12:33:37 PM I belong to a message board for Robert McCammon. We do have to go through any other board. Is it possible to do this whit Anns board? I don't know how it works but I am sure someone does.
A. M. Gray (U.S. - Ohio) posts on 10/24/2006 10:07:36 AM Obviously, there still are problems with the board based on the programming language evident in our emails. Just so you know, this is the email I sent to the Message Board Webmaster in August and I am including his reply: “The faithful members of the Anne Perry Message Board have been having problems posting messages. We could not find any other way of contacting the Webmaster for the All Readers website so we are submitting our concern via the Feedback mechanism. Is there any way to assist us? Please let me know and I will convey your answer to them. Thank you.” His response: “Can you give me an example of a message you can't post?” If any of you are interested, I can email you my next response and his answer. The bottom line is that I sincerely believe that his host site for the Message Board has been “hacked into” or there has been a system corruption elsewhere in his website domain – I know, so much gobbledy gook. I will continue to be in contact with him about our problems.
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