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connie walker posts on 8/11/2010 8:07:57 PM What grade level is the book Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz?
tim posts on 4/13/2010 1:01:05 AM what is the moral of the story ? p.s im writing a book report :)
kevin posts on 3/12/2010 10:46:10 PM what award did it win, im writing a book report

ben posts on 11/17/2009 6:51:54 PM hi anthony have you ever thought about writing the alex rider books with alex being 17 or 18 i loved the first seven books i hope the next will be as good from ben
isobellstone posts on 9/16/2009 10:55:30 AM HI, Every One .. Myself Arvind Sharma ... I am internet marketing strategic (officially) and love biking, gym, latest . Looking for a comfortable zone and where i can share and gain knowledge as well as having fun too.
abinsajiabraham posts on 9/12/2009 12:00:26 PM is point blanc a good story to read?
anonymous posts on 8/23/2009 6:45:51 PM there will be another alex rider book crocidile tears it comes out november 17 for more info cheack out amazon thats weare i find out
bob dillan posts on 4/7/2009 1:08:54 PM yes i know it it is 87 vauxhall walk london,se11 5hj uk
Jeremy Tucker posts on 3/22/2009 11:08:50 AM So did you write it or not, it's an awesome book, probably better than Alex Rider, but I will feel bad for saying that if you did not write it. When is Crocodile Tears coming out, I read thats about GM crops. When is the next Jason Steed bokk coming out? If you did write it, why did you use a pen name?
rachael posts on 2/6/2009 11:38:25 AM please does anyone know roughly when the next alex rider book will be out? I did read on anthony horrowitz's website that another was going to be written but no date was mentioned. thanks
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