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Lulu posts on 4/3/2007 4:20:15 PM THERE IS GOING TO BE A POINT BLANC FILM!!!!! I've seen it on imdb dot com! Serch Point Blanc and it says it will be done in 2008!! I hope it is on about Anthony Horowitz Point Blanc and not a different Point Blanc! I'm so excited!!!!!!
Anonymous posts on 2/27/2007 2:01:25 PM Hi! I just want to ask if there will be a movie made for Point Blanc. Somewhere I read that they won't make the movie since that first one (Stormbreaker) wasn't that big of success. I hope that's not true.
Dan posts on 2/15/2007 3:40:30 PM are they going to make piont blanc a film CAUSE IF THEY ARE I AM GONNA BUY IT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE I HOPE THEY ARE

Shaun posts on 2/10/2007 1:57:56 PM Plz, wut is anthonys home address, does any one know?
Lulu posts on 1/15/2007 3:50:13 PM My favourite book is Stormbreaker. Then Point Blanc and Scorpia in 2nd, 3rd Skellinton Key, 4th Eagle Strike then Ark Angle in 5th place.
cieran posts on 1/7/2007 12:46:06 PM the reson alex pettyfer is leving is because hes TOO OLD
Aastn Airways posts on 1/4/2007 2:11:50 AM Over My Head; Sk8er Boi; Nobody's Home; A few others I can't remember; Bittersweet; My Humps; a few girly ones I've heard before, but not sure of their names. And that's about it =P That must've taken forever to write. Lol. I think it would be cool to audition for the Point Blank movie. Maybe I could play one of the rich kids at the school. That would be awesome. And I don't know about Point Blank being the best book so far; I actually think Stormbreaker was the best. But we all have our own opinion, I guess. Detail? You want detail? Try reading one of J.R.R. Tolkien's books; I think you'll be satisfied.
Lulu posts on 1/3/2007 8:12:25 AM does anyone know Anthony Horowitz address? or any other way of contacting him? and does anyone know if their will be any auditions for aPoint Blanc??
Livs posts on 12/31/2006 1:05:33 PM Is there any chance of public auditions for Point Blanc! I would love to audition!
HPFan#1 posts on 12/29/2006 1:34:28 PM Do you know Anthony Horowit's home address! Please tell! Thanx!
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