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Steven Kierwarren posts on 12/29/2006 10:10:17 AM Anthony Horowitz did NOT write the Killing Joke. It was stolen from a homeless man in Bristol. I know because I wrote it. The Killing Joke was written originally in 1996 but I could not secure a publisher for the book, merely constant return of post rejections. In 1999 THE SUN did an article about my comedy work dubbing me 'the most dangerous funnyman in Britian' after a member of the audience at one of my shows laughed so hard he suffered a heart attack. The article quoted me as the author of The Killing Joke. In 2003 I was managing a pub in Bristol -at the time of the heart attack incident I had been unable to capitalise on the success of the incident. During this time a wonan who was little more than a nurse with a temping agency began working in the area and drinking in my pub. She always had books with her and by this time I had become desperate for actual feedback and so I invited her to read my work. She thoroughly enjoyed it-obviously a little too much- and then AFTER reading it told me that her fiance was actually friends with Anthony Horowitz and would I mind her showing it to him as he was a very kind man who had been bullied and would definately help me to get published. I told her that the only way she couldd show him my manuscript was if I had already recieved a signed waiver from him to the effect that he had read my work for 'security purposses'. In other words to protect myself from theft and plagiarism. She did not return for one month. When she did she had suddenly acquired the finances to secure a cottage in the Lake District and give up her Agency work. She no longer had my manuscript to return, having apparently 'mislaid' it. A year later I saw it on the shelves of the local Waterstones, THE KILLING JOKE, with an identical storyline and extremely similar plot devices, dedicated to 'JILL THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS'. At the time my pub was struggling due to redevelopment in the area leading to closed roads etc. By the time AH published my work in his own name I was homeless. It takes a very special form of scum to do this to a homeless man. Especially when you are a multi millionaire. I have contacted Orion Publishing who rather than ask to see my original to quietly sort the matter out said that they would ask him if he had stiolen it. As if he was going to say yes. His Agent merely said that any press attempting to run the story before I had won a Court case would be sued. I have discovered that my only recourse is a Copyright specialist Solicitor. I have been unable to locate one of these 'specialists' (copyright is a very specialised branch of law) who are prepared to charge less than £200 PER HOUR + VAT juast for the time it takes them to read both manuscripts, interview me and decide whether there is a case to pursue, a minimum of eighteen hours they claim would be required and this BEFORE they will agree to takwe the caee on, which means that despite being homeless I would need to put around £3,600 up front to talk to them. If I had this I would be able to afford to rent a flat and not BE homeless. I wish to stress here that I am not casting any aspersion what so ever against the originality of any other of his works, merely the one I wrote. I do not seek one penny of his vast fortune, merely full payment for this book. The advance and every penny of royalties he has earned from ME. Plus all further editions to state that it was 'inspired' by my original and that there had been a breakdown in communication. I have little or no doubt that the originator of this action was Jill, but it was him who took the work as his own, not her whatever she may have told him. I do not know how original the rest of his cannon is, I do know that his integrity is heavily in doubt. Anthony Horowitz is a plagiarist. I would like him to actually sue me for defamation, in which case he of course will need to prove that I am telling lies, which he has refused to do to date knowing that it means I will have access to the press the moment papers are served. Do not buy this book. I have no problem woth the others, but every time you purchasde THE KILLING JOKE you are stealing from a homeless man and putting money in the pockets of a liar. Steven Kierwarren.
jesse Reid posts on 12/28/2006 11:29:46 PM point blank is the best book i have eveer read you use so many deatails my favorite carictor is alex he is so coll I like that he is a teenage spy it is the best bokk EVER!
Anonymous posts on 12/27/2006 2:25:56 PM does anyone know if there will be any auditions for point blanc?

alice posts on 12/25/2006 3:47:19 PM On all the dvd extras everyone was saying how good Alex is and how they are so glad they chose him and alex was saying how much he enjoyed it... so why is he leaving????
Lulu posts on 12/20/2006 10:25:06 AM hi errm im new! lol i love the alex rider series and i realy hope there will be auditions for Point Blanc. Does anyone know what will happen in the next book? Snakeshead? I'm deadly afraid of snakes will there be any in it?
sally posts on 12/17/2006 12:05:21 PM hi let's tlk about what people think will happen in the next book!
james wood posts on 12/10/2006 9:18:14 AM I am 8 years old and i have only just finished reading stormbreaker i thought it was realy good and the books beter than the film because it has more actionand i have only just started reading point blank and sofar so good. I have one question to ask you and that is where can I send a Christmas card for you? from james wood
juliet posts on 12/9/2006 11:44:47 PM OH MY G-D I LLOVE THE ALEX RIDER BOOKS the movie like totally stunk!!:)
patricia posts on 12/7/2006 3:45:57 PM hi can someone give alex's mail? i know this isn't about anthony but is very important.. my future could be in this talk lol thanks
mysterious mr X posts on 12/6/2006 7:18:35 PM why dont most of you understand that this page is nothing to do with anthony, he has his own forum for that! i think it was a bad choice in the 1st place choosing pettyfur for the movie
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