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Melody posts on 7/20/2007 12:58:39 AM I have watched Jarhead now 10 times. I have not read the book, but I intend to do so. My brother served in the Gulf War and what he said matches what Anthony said to a "T". My brother would have loved to see this film, but unfortunately he died mysteriously of heart disease that caused him to have sudden cardiac death at the age of 32. Makes you wonder why a healty man would die...maybe those not approved drugs they make our boys take for "protection". Good job Anthony!!! You are still a Marine no matter what those idiots say.
Matthew posts on 2/16/2007 2:52:43 PM Anthony, I loved your book and have read it many times.Maybe do you think you could write some on how you dealt with being back in the US after going through all of that time in the desert?

mike posts on 1/1/2007 2:06:26 PM I was in the Corps from 2002 - 2006. i served in Iraq in 2004 . I was in 3/4 out of 29 Palms CA. I find it funny yall think this book stank , and even better that most of you are forty or older and never served in the sand as a junior marine.This as they say is the new Corps.
Laura Ireland posts on 12/24/2006 7:09:45 PM I'm a white, 74 year-old female and no big fan of war stories but after reading Swofford's poignantly graphic foray into the horrors of war up close and personal I was right there with him, seeing through his eyes, agreeing with his assessments, of the total desecration and the reasons why men--of course, notably Marines, think and fight as they do. I also now see why "Any Marine" mail serves a usueful purpose and am proud to say I've written one or two in my time. I enjoyed the book and have reread parts and will watch the soon as I can figure out how to use my new DVD player I got for Christmas!
Garrett Newman posts on 12/22/2006 4:40:16 PM I can not believe this guy was in the same Corps I was in. Of course, I joined in 1950, when patriotism reigned. Our language was 'unfit' for polite circles, but we sure didn't say vulgarities every other word, or denounce the Corps itself. I also find it hard to believe he made it through boot camp with a tough drill sergeant telling you how not to get killed, and whom we were deathly afraid of. However, we were 100% ready for combat, thanks to this man. I not only put this book down, after a few pages of thinking "maybe this is a random incident", I shredded it, because I don't want anyone else reading it. I know it's an older book, and that they made a film of it, but may God forgive these insults of the United States Marine Corps.
Nansee posts on 11/25/2006 3:09:25 PM Have not read the book yet. I have a few questions. Could someone contact me so I can get some clarity? Thank You.
john mcdevitt posts on 10/30/2006 2:30:30 AM the book is a super read the movie is top notch ive had a hard time after ive been out of the corp 19 years thinklng i was a bad person for the way i was when i was there that i was the only one going thruough thse things im from saramento like swofford iwould love to meet him and tell him how much his book healed some holes and rough spots that i have been carrying around
posts on 10/7/2006 11:37:03 PM just for the record marine it is ooo rah not hoorah and it originated from the army phrase hooah
posts on 9/17/2006 4:55:37 AM I served 5 years in the Core and believe me. Stuff like that happens. Especially when your overseas. You don't understand because you haven't been in. You never will understand until you've been in. It happens.
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