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posts on 6/22/2006 5:52:31 PM To h#ll with this guy. Especially, with a war going on. The book was nonsense and the movie was worse, sold out the Corps, he probably wasn't even in.
posts on 6/20/2006 4:33:34 PM I think that Anthony Swofford should stop and think about what he did to Troy's family members. Troy had a name and place in many people's hearts. Mr.Swofford should have spoken to Troy's family before he twisted some of the details of Troy's past. I want people to know that Troy did not committ suicide, he died in a car accident. And, family members mourned him all over again with the release of this movie. In saying this, I just hope that when people make movies about their past, the right thing to do is tell the truth. And, if you don't know for sure what that is-then you better be asking the people that really know!
posts on 5/30/2006 4:47:53 PM well i was definatly a marine brother and that was dead accurate from what i remember

posts on 5/24/2006 3:10:03 PM If Anthony Swofford is to do another movie, WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT DOING IT ON SOMETHING HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT. JARHEAD, was nothing more than a made up dream. If Anthony was a Marine, I would like to know with what unit? He should not ever refer himself as being a Marine ever again due to this unjust portrayal he provided. Being a Marine is a priviledge and an honor, many have failed trying to achieve this. He failed his fellow Marines by allowing this film to be produced with so many discrepancies.
posts on 5/2/2006 11:04:46 AM I thought america wasn't about sensorship...I tried to post a critical point of view about this pathetic book and it won't let me...go figure that!
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