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Mike posts on 4/17/2005 3:05:55 AM I thought the book was cool, but AVI should right a second book. It was ok I mean not one of my favorites
Kaitlin posts on 4/16/2005 9:35:34 PM Ok I had to read for school and it wasn't good at all there was no action at all the characters were all weird and it was a complete was of time for me the only somewhat cool part was the part Jaggery died I was so flippin happy! So I strongly don't recomend it!!!!
iamswordman posts on 4/11/2005 11:20:31 PM its ok i have read better but its still good

Andrew posts on 4/10/2005 6:23:17 PM I think the book is boring and stupid we had to read it in school the only reason i went on this site was b/c we have a BIG!!! quiz on the book tomorrow
mike b posts on 3/29/2005 10:09:09 PM charlotte is a fat chick who went on a cruze with a slave.
Unamed posts on 3/23/2005 5:04:10 PM I read this book for skool and it was soooooooooooooo good it was the first one we read all year....
Anonymous posts on 3/22/2005 9:52:15 PM This was the worst book i ever read (i had to read it for school) don't read this book!! it's awful!
jackie posts on 3/21/2005 10:11:28 PM When my teacher told us we had to read this book i so didnt want to and right now i finish chapter 13 and i think it is better than any book i have ever read. It's awesome!!!
Gracie posts on 3/17/2005 4:19:00 PM Regina you are soo wrong...I read this book in Mrs. Devlins class which is language arts n it was a great book. So many exciting events happen which leave this young girl named Charlotte in trouble....Sorry Regina it looks like your wrong agian....peace out
Dr.M.M. posts on 3/15/2005 5:38:46 PM This message...Ragweed. Such a cute little mouse...
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