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latisha brown posts on 7/15/2010 11:15:03 PM obamah should be president for as long as he want to be because it is clear that he is a christian good man with a good heart and we need peopil like that to be taking charge and setting a good example for the children because they are the future and let them lead the way and obamah can show them all the beauty they posess inside and give them a sense of pride which will allow they're lafter to remind us how we used to be! God bless President Obamah.
Tea Party Guy posts on 5/16/2010 10:18:08 PM Well, make sure you love our FOOLISH PRESIDENT real good, because he's only going to be around for 2 more years. NOT because some Tea Partier will do something crazy. After all, we're not a bunch of leftist loons, like the animals who threw bottles at our brave cops at ILLEGAL immigration rallies or the Obama's buddies: The Weather Underground. We're law abiding citizens who are disturbed by an all powerful gov't who seeks to emulate communist regimes (as so many in Obama administration have openly admired, see: Anita Dunn, Vann Jones, Cass Sunstein, Harold Lloyd). So don't worry about us, Tea Partiers. We follow the law. Worry about the lunatics on your side, who fantasized about killing Bush for 8 years (and wrote books and movies about it). -- For now, just accept the fact that your IDIOT IN CHIEF is sinking faster than a piece of shi*t tied to lead balloon. He is SOOO A FIRST TERM LOSER LIKE JIMMY CARTER. Painfully obvious. You have to know that. Upside is: We might get our next Reagan in the process... You welcome, by the way. -- Oh, and thank you for your military service. I really do mean that sincerely. You are a hero, no matter what your ideology is. God Bless the U.S.A.
Quint posts on 5/9/2010 1:28:56 PM Just purchased an assault rifle the other day and after retiring from the military over a decade ago, my first trip out to the range, well let's just say....I STILL GOT IT! Had wanted to get one for years, but this recent rise in Tea Bagger, Militia, Nazi, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Hanity, O'Really[sic], Limbaugh and Arizona crazies has forced me to arm up. Think about this...When the Tea Party holds a 10,000 idiot rally and it is all over the news, they feel secure in their support. When over a million people protested the real government intrusion into our lives, on Cinco De Mayo, NO TEA BAGGERS SHOWED UP and the media barely made mention of it. Because it is preceived to just be an intrusion into brown people's lives. But if those idiots really decide to act a fool one day, they are in for a BIG surprise. THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WITH GUNS!!!! I served this country in the army for 22 years. I, like most of America, really love this country, so even if you don't see us out there protesting, we are still watching these dumb Just try to take over the country that so many people have died for because you just can't take it that there is a black president... WE SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND WE HAVE GUNS TOO! They show up at these rallies with their guns and laugh among themselves "Boy I bet those Obama supporters are looking at this and shaking in their boots. LOL" But we are watching the idiots on TV and smiling as we clean OUR guns. You can't run a country with a bumper sticker mentality. Drill Baby Drill and Drill Now! May play well on FOX News, but now you bastards have ruined the gulf coast. Palin made 12 million dollars last year with nothing of substance to say. Now she can afford $9.00 shrimp. Lastly, if President Obama get's assassinated, Rush, Palin etc saying OOPs, we never meant for THAT to happen" won't save you from the REAL Americans. WE LOVE OUR PRESIDENT AND WE GOT GUNS TOO!!!!!!!!!

Tea Party Guy posts on 5/7/2010 6:12:09 PM Can't imagine they'd be critical of the Disaster in Chief on that show. It's from the same lefty creators of Family Guy (which I like, but it's political snipes on conservatives do get old from time to time). Remember what they did to Sarah Palin. Making fun of her down syndrome child. Again, hilarious show 95% of the time, but the other 5% they show their true lib colors and have no moral boundaries. In fact, you almost get the sense that if it's something truly sacred or off limits (like the horrors of 9/11 which they've mocked as well), then they set out to make fun of it even more so. Like a bunch of stupid kids trying to prove how 'irreverent' and 'dangerous' they can be. Typical libs. You know what I think: If they REALLY want to be 'dangerous', they should try mocking Islam (like the South Park guys did). Of course libs will never do that, because then they'd have to get bodyguards and check their cars for bombs 24/7. So instead, the brave libs always confront Christianity and SAFE conservative targets that don't hit back. Chicken shi*ts.
American Dad posts on 5/7/2010 3:47:13 PM OBAMA'S character shows up on AMERICAN DAD this Sunday Night on FOX! (after Family Guy)
Tea Party Guy posts on 5/6/2010 1:41:55 PM What do you think of Obama's 'finger's crossed, let's hope their bombs don't work' approach to fighting terrorism? Don't you feel much safer knowing that the lesson learned from the Times Square Attack was: 'Let's make sure no one gets angry at Muslims'? Meanwhile the lefty media tries to blame the MUSLIM TERRORIST'S foreclosure in upper class Connecticut, for his 'anger'. These liberals really know how to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.-- Wonder how different the left's reaction would've been if the bomber had been a Tea Party guy? Do you think they would be so forgiving and come to his defense by investigating his financial history and personal woes?
krenshaw posts on 5/5/2010 9:22:40 AM SHEEEEEP! Overly left Liberals are sheep, BAHHH BAHHHH!!!! end of story. Followers not leaders. Put a big bowl of money in the center of the table so we can share the wealth? Yeah Right!!!!! Give a liberal a fish and he will eat for the day....teach a liberal how to fish, and he will say "wheres the free fish".
Tea Party Guy posts on 4/27/2010 10:15:51 PM Notice how there have been no calls for peace and civility from the left regarding the violent protesters yesterday in Arizona who were throwing bottles at cops and spray painting threats about burning down the city. Funny isn't it? Real violence happens and the left ignores it. But the overwhelmingly peaceful and patriotic millions who attended Tea Parties nationwide have been maligned by the left for being racist Tim McVeigh-like terrorists, WITHOUT A SHREAD OF PROOF. Everyone in the Lame Stream Media just assumed that they yelled out racial slurs to liberal black congressmen (the day of the Obamacare singing) and failed to ask: 'Hey with all those thousands of cameras (one belonging to Jesse Jackson), how come we don't have any PROOF'? But of course, when did FACTS AND EVIDENCE ever get in the way of a liberal using the RACE CARD?
Cloudclown posts on 2/10/2010 10:01:17 PM Big "O" once said, "You will be able to tell who I am by who I surround myself with"! WOW!!! Truer words were never spoken. I know my father-in-law's words were he/she has the countenance of a sheep killing dog. Bring to bear and to mind any of those in the most "trusted circle"? Heed these words;"The Good Ole USA is going down the tubes. I have no doubts about it, as long as that S@# is in the White House. Whether Republican/Democrat/Independent or what-ever, he is selling our country down the tubes. Of course one can turn around, look back and say Bush did it!!! B.S! We had a chance, until "The Big "O" got hold of the reins. Too Bad!!!
Ned posts on 2/9/2010 12:19:34 PM Still looking for a job. Been out of work for ages now. I'm a skilled Chimney Sweep, anybody out there looking for Chimney Sweep? Maybe I can fix your covered wagon why I'm at it. Can't believe tax money was wasted to train me as a Chimney Sweep.
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