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Galactic Cowboy posts on 11/28/2008 11:08:26 AM I have just finished reading "Rebel Fay" and found it different from the other books, this one does not center in chases and fights, but delves much more into the past, and the reasons why Leesil and Magiere where created, their Sage companion's new ability and of course, the reason Chap became flesh. I am eager to get my hands on "Child of a Dead God" (paperback coming out on Jan 6, 09) to finish the first series. I wonder how the new Series will be, without most of the original characters... Good reading. Reading is culture (and vocabulary).
Sue posts on 3/18/2007 5:41:48 AM Dear Barb & J C I have very much enjoyed the Noble Dead series. After Dhampir, it was a case of 'must find the next book' as quickly as possible. You have created an exotic fantasy world which is a delight to delve into. I very much hope 'Rebel Fay' is not the last and would suggest that it won't belong before some film maker turns the series into the next Lord of the Rings cinema success. Best wishes. Sue Connolly
Kevin Cook posts on 3/14/2007 10:45:37 PM Dear Barb and J.C Hendee, I have read all the books in your series with gusto. When one ended I had to buy the next. After less that one month i finished the series, and when i went on your website i found out that you are switch charectars in the next series. PLEASE don't get rid of Leesil and the bunch, i have grown very found of them. I so dearly hope that all your doing is switching the focus of one charectar to the next. Such as from Magiere To Leesil not completely switching to a new person. All my very favorite novels, (Yours is the greatest I've read so far) they all get you focused on one charectar and then change just as you start to like them to a new charectar. Just being 13 i have read many books, of all of them only a few change charectars. The ending were good but i didnt read cherish the book, or enjoy it as much as i had when there was one charectar. Well its not my decision to make but please dont change the charectars to new people. Sincerly, Kevin Cook

cojik999 posts on 8/16/2005 4:14:37 PM Traitor to the Blood : A Novel of the Noble Dead So is this the next book in the Dhampir series???
Leira posts on 5/18/2005 5:22:50 PM Any idea when the next book will be coming out? I've read Dhamphir, Thief of Lives and Sister of the Dead! I read all three in one week hehe very interesting books, very Vampire Hunter D.

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