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Edward Cullen (Vampire) posts on 3/3/2008 2:25:58 PM ((I'm roleplaying as Edward Cullen from the book Twilight.)) Edward leaped at the nearest mountain lion sinking his teeth into the flesh carefully sipping the blood. He closed his eyes feeling the warm scent of his dead prey come into his nose. Finally Edward removed his teeth from the mountain lion with a sigh. You could tell his thrist for blood was gone and he hoped it would long enough not to have the feeling of killing a human... of course he would never kill one, just the feeling drove him crazy enough. Quickly he whipped around seeing the sun starting to rise and it was better to be to school on time. Bella would have a heart attack thinking something horrible might of happened to him... He thought with a smirk. Though, the truth was he wanted to see her more... with them being together so much another vampire could see it would be a fun game threatning to bite Bella to drive Edward insane. Then Edward was off in a flash running like no human can. He was back at his house with in seconds. He saw Jasper and gave his brother a slight nod knowing he had trouble with the smell of blood from humans. Jasper still had problems with biting and killing humans, but training has done him well. Edward got into his car and turned the key rolling his eyes. He wished he could just run to school, but then everyone would know he was a vampire and Bella was already enough to know. He drove at 105 miles per hour and slowed nearing the school. Finally he was there and Adward carefully got ou of the car with his perfect smile spread across his face.

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