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michael clement posts on 4/3/2008 2:00:07 PM I have a great idea for the next batman begins 3 and it should be about batman to battle killer croc,the penguin,manbat and catwoman.
bartolomeo posts on 2/5/2006 8:00:30 AM batman begins il miglore perche mi piace vederlo ma volevo prendere il costume di batman begins grandi alduti quella mashera nera mi piace tanto che prenderlo da mio posto e dentro di me era immportante che devo meterlo per la mia ragazza lei piace forse sono innmaorato di lei?!
joseph posts a message on 10/24/2005 12:34:27 PM yes the new movie was better than all but I'll tell why that is first on tim burton made suck all but joker and joker should never died i was surpies that jonny deep did not play batman ha ha ha

patty posts on 10/23/2005 10:27:29 PM i have a question who killed batman's parents the guy in batman begins or the joker?
imgretch posts on 3/20/2005 11:18:57 AM I read David Goyer's script. This movie gets everything wrong-- Bruce Wayne is portrayed not as a hero, but a cowardly, obnoxious, violent jerk. The muderer of his parents is caught and serves 20 years while Bruce is still a kid !! Goyer rips off the plot of THE SHADOW (the Alec Baldwin movie) and works in a lot of scenes lifeted form THE MATRIX. He also follows Ang Lee's HULK pattern for the narritive which will make this film slow, dull, and confusing. Tim Burton & Sam Hamm got it...Goyer & Nolan don't.
michael clement posts a message on 1/12/2005 1:43:29 PM with the voice talents of kevin conroy as batman,tim daly as superman,clancy brown as lex luthor,kevin spacey as brainiac,joe pesci as the riddler,eartha kitt as the cheetah,kelly ripa as giganta,crispin glover as the toyman,brad garrett as solomon grundy,jeff goldblum as the scarecrow,michael clarke duncan as gorilla grodd,ben stiller as black manta,eugene levy as captain cold,nicolas cage as bizarro and william h.macy as sinestro.

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