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Trying to be fair posts on 10/16/2010 10:15:19 AM I am half way through 'My Mothers Keeper' waiting for Bette to actually look or appear to be anything other than I wouldve expected; honest, challenging and mostly highly dignified. I am discovering through BD's utter ignorance that her mother also had an immovable sense of family, loyalty and devotion. BD desperately tries to paint herself as the Martyr to a tyrannical mother where in actual fact she is the victim, I believe, of a paranoid self narcissism whose husband, by her own account, played into that and told her what she wanted to hear. Bette blamed him for division between herself and her daughter-maybe she wasn't completely wrong about that. But more over, Bettes daughter is proving to be as I read on, a whining, self indulgent spoiled brat who couldve really done with a kick up the backside. Running around the Riviera at any age, let alone 16 going to film festivals, NOT WORRYING AT ALL ABOUT MONEY and seeking pleasure freely is a fantasy to nearly all human beings. BD is utterly delusional when she arrogantly describes her mothers questioning of her whereabouts as controlling and motivated by jealousy. BD is cruel in this assumption. Apparently BD is also utterly innocent and a victim of her mothers. What an idiot! And last but not least, I have lost count of how many times BD describes Bettes body language in the quintessential pose of Jane Hudson-feet slightly apart and hands on hips. Talk about exploiting a stereotype! BD people who read this book looking for a story to relate to, adult survivors of child abuse for example, I would assume will be highly offended by your lack of insight, your selfishness, your betrayal not only of your mother, but of your position automatically obtained through being her child which you decided to utterly exploit to hoodwink real victims of abuse into listening to the ramblings of a precocious, bitter, jealous brat.
Dena posts on 1/31/2010 2:36:14 AM Well, shame on any daughter who does not have enough respect for the woman who gave her life to keep whatever flaws and family problems they may have had, in the family. The issues B.D. had with her mother would have been better served, in a private manner. Decent people don't air their dirty laundry in public. I feel that to be a true Christian is to forgive. Maybe she has milked her mother's name for all it is worth and so now she is making her money off the name of Christ. For shame!
Christina Archer posts on 1/23/2010 11:34:48 PM Ms. Hyman: How can you write about your mother so viciously and call yourself Christian? God has forgiven all of your sins, why can you not show the same grace towards your mother?

lela Jane posts on 1/17/2010 6:04:04 PM This site is a crock. If you don't knock Mrs Hyman you want get posted.
Fred Gilford posts on 12/15/2009 2:58:53 AM You call yourslef a Christian! HA! Shame on you for hurting your mother and exploiting her life. The only reason your fictional book sold was because of your mother's name. Bette Davis the hard working woman you will never come close to. She had class, another thing you will never reach.
Iretak posts on 11/29/2009 2:24:56 AM You, B.D., and your ways, are what give religion a bad name. Still trying to make money off your famous, one of a kind mother's name. Shameful. Your sour puss looks tell the tale of the miserable life you have lead since an adult. Bette Davis was an incredible actress and supported her family. Show me an actor who is totally normal. I live to see Ms. Davis's movies over and over again. And you call yourself a Christian. My God is all forgiving.
Bill posts on 11/17/2009 6:50:33 PM The Star of David does NOT date back to Jewish antiquity it is an occult symbol-used for luck in the far east-and was adopted by the World Zionist Congress as theirs in the late 1890's..The State of Israel is a racially narcissistic state that is led by the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees who still brag about having Christ put to death on Good Friday..Their most important book, the Talmud, says the most vile things about Christ and the Blessed Mother..Defending Israel and/or modern Talmudic Judaism is a betrayal of Christ..He who doesn't honor the Son doesn't honor the Father..
Nanci posts on 5/18/2009 11:28:54 AM I just finished "My Mother's Keeper" and I too was seriously disappointed. While I do believe there is some truth to the book, it was severely slanted to make the author appear to be a martyr instead of the spoiled brat that she is. The pictures in the book reflect B.D. as the sullen one--very few smiles in her pictures. And I thought that she was "done" with her mother--why then does she advertise herself as Bette Davis's daughter on her ministry? No, I think that B. D.'s only ambition in life is to live off her mother's name and fame. It's all about the money.
Brenda posts on 5/8/2009 12:25:18 PM I would have loved to have had your childhood.What a whiner you are. Id love to read a book written by your children. Are you listening kids? Make a fortune off of your dear old mom.Shame on youy, B.D. Hyman!
molly posts on 2/24/2009 11:13:00 AM I think she is a spoiled brat just like Joan Crawford's daughter Christina. And now BD is a paster. Wow after what she did she should just go away.
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