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janice posts on 2/20/2009 11:13:30 AM I just finished reading My Mother's Keeper and couldn't wait till it ended. It was annoying after 3/4 of the book and a headache. I think Ms. Bette Davis confused her film life with reality. It also seemed to me she was a bit manic depressive???
Hilda posts on 11/16/2008 1:01:38 AM Re: B.D. Hyman's Occult/satanic book/preaching on 11/09/08: you stated that the star of david is satanic. The star of david has been used pervertly by satan. Understand that the evil one uses the things of God to twist and pervert them. The star of David represents the shield of David -the protection of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Is Ms Hyman saying that the state of Israel is satanic because they use the star of David on their flag? Is she saying that all christian jews who use the star of David are satanic because they simply use the star of David as a reminder of their messiah, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, (Jesus Christ). Does she realize that the christian cross she uses for her ministry has also been perverted by satan? Does she mention that the cross is satanic? Ms Hyman may need to seriously clarify her issue on the Star Of David on her next program.
Jeanie posts on 4/6/2008 1:56:05 AM Happy Birthday to your wonderful Mother....She will always be remembered.
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