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cynthia terry posts on 11/28/2010 6:58:05 PM I have read The Story of Opal. I don't know whether the author, Benjamin Hoff, knows there has been a play written about Opal Whiteley. He had a terrible time getting her story published and trying to get in touch with her. It is a beautiful and tragic story. The play is faithful to the book and the life of Opal. It has been done on stage at the Clarence Brown Theatre at the University of Tennessee. I wish the author could see this play. The audience was entranced by this wonderful young girl. They laughed and they cried, and there were people standing outside to get tickets once they heard about it.
Todd Greenwood posts on 12/2/2005 3:56:19 PM Hi Joanne Hoff seems to be quite pirvate. There is not a lot of info on him or his whereabouts. This is a prety quite message board but I'm always happy to meet people that are like minded. Hoffs books have been very important and life saving to me and my family. I'm always happy to talk about these types of things. Best to you. Sincerely, Todd Greenwood
Joanna Watson posts on 12/2/2005 2:08:50 PM I was doing some research on Hoff and found your message board. I read The Teo of Pooh last year. I was shocked and conforted after reading it. It has become one of my favorite books. So, I went to buy that book for a friend I go to college with, and I came accross the Piglet story. I am just starting it now. Piglet was always my favorite character! I am excited to read it. I will post my thoughts when done. Since my semester is over Tuesday, I am sure I will be done with this book by the end of next week. I hope that someone sees this message! Joanna

Todd Greenwood posts on 6/17/2005 12:00:55 PM Hi Brandi. It's great to meet another fan of Hoff Yes Hoff does interject a little rant here and there in the Te but he is also trying to get his message across that it is the established beliefs and mindsets that cause people to feel justified in destroying the earth and the lives of others. Also, when Hoff talks about conservative "nightmare clowns" he is referring to the Reagan admin. and perhaps GB senior rather than the present GB junior and the admin. that feels justified in destroying the infrastructure of a modern country like Iraq and ruining the lives of ten million people while killing hundreds of thousand because they didn't like Hussein. Yes, Hoff is talking about Hussein but he is referring to Desert storm I as opposed to Desert Storm II. The fact that you drew a parallel between the two time periods would suggest that maybe you have leanings in the same direction. I consider myself more of a Taoist than any other type of thinking. But we pseudo philosophers must put a best foot forward in order to help humanity evolve into something of an enlightened being rather than a technologically advanced species of demons. Hoff puts a good foot forward in the Te. It's nice to see that an argument that I considered "dated" is proven by you to be quite timeless. Now lets you and I do what we can with our lives and the lives or our children to see that this rant of his does become completely dated and irrelevant. I think Hoff would be pleased if it could. BTW nice to meet you. I look forward to more of your thoughts and perhaps we could get sort of a group of Taoist thinking people happening here. Sincerely Todd Greenwood Canada
Brandi posts on 6/17/2005 11:01:47 AM I've read the Tao of Pooh several times and really enjoy the content and think that it is a worthwhile read. I'm working my way through the Te of Piglet and I am really disappointed. I was hoping for the almost passive insight of the first book. The Te of Piglet is an aggressive attack at the people (or rather the kind of people) that Hoff doesn't seem to like. There is more reference to common day events that he deems inappropriate than insight from the past to help get you through. I will finish this book because I have such a great respect for the author and his other work. I just wish he hadn't used this sequel as his own personal soapbox.

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