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Anonymous posts on 2/11/2009 7:25:37 PM Has anyone read reza's comments? Did you notice he has the same name as one of Moody's cousins? And is calling her a liar?
Cara posts on 2/9/2009 10:57:39 AM Erica, if you want answers to all your questions, read Betty's book For The Love of a Child. It's hard to find though - I bought a used library version on ebay. She did not speak to Moody again, she got a divorce, and I believe Mahtob never spoke to him again, and he made no effort to contact her until she was adult, and then only for a movie he made called Without My Daughter, where he denied ever forcing his family to live in Iran.
Zack posts on 1/30/2009 1:32:14 PM Hi. I am sad to see some people,especially other women questioning Betty's story. First of all, people can write whatever they want. This is a free country. THANK GOD. Second, there is a huge pattern of foreign men and women marrying Western men and women then trying to take the children, and any and all monetary assests. The patterns of abuse, and terror is not funny and it should not be swept under therug because of some political correctness muzzles or cries of "racism". absurd. Protecting women and children is more important than popularity. Thank God Betty had the guts to share her story and help others.

Erica in Los Angeles posts on 1/26/2009 11:15:47 PM Hi Betty, don't know if you read this web posting, but i was watching "Not without my Daughter" over the weekend, and it left me with many more questions, i am an inquisitive individual. Did you ever speak to Moody again? i'm sure he had a few words to say to you, whether you listened or not, *not that you had to, what he did is in no way forgivable* but did you get a divorce from him? did he ever try to get custody of Mahtob? or even try to come back to the US? Did you ever find the humanity to forgive him? i would have hurt him seriously for what he did to me, but i know that people find the strength to forgive those who harm them. and did Mahtob ever get over this event, losing her father and having to endure those 18 months, how did she get on? Your courage is just one of those human events that makes you see that people do overcome their situations and make it out in one piece, thank you for telling your story.
Suzy posts on 1/26/2009 1:59:11 AM I just want to say Betty I believe all that happened to you without a doubt. From the depiction in the movie it seemed there were times when Moody knew what he was doing was not the right way to go. We all have our regrets and I am sure he has his. He could have had a great life in America with "his" family not his parents family. May life bring you and Mahtob happiness
reza posts on 1/19/2009 11:25:16 AM Dear Betty: Both you an I know the lies and the exaggeration you have put in your book just make a buck through the political turmoils between u.s. and Iran. My advise to you, as a writer or film maker or whatever else,BE HONEST BE HONEST BE HONEST
MarilynL. posts on 1/1/2009 8:27:53 AM This is addressed to Erica trying to leave Lebanon. I'm sorry for your miseries. I enjoyed my life in Lebanon but I was pregnant and my ex had a good job with the university and life was good although he NEVER was and NEVER be a sensitive, caring, reachable-emotionally person. When we lived in Kuwait in the 70's, the American Embassy would help women and American children get out of the country, but if the children are citizens of the resident country, they would not. Perhaps you've already asked; if not, do. My own story is printed on this website somewhere. I was forced by threat of my life by my then husband that if I ever left and took the children, I'd end up dead. At great sacrifice I was forced to leave, and although I've stayed in touch with the children over the years, they never fully understood what happened and two of them honor their father and not me. I live with the repercussions of having been adventurous in 1962 and marrying a charming, educated Arab. Good luck with a resolution to your problem, one that you can live with better than I have with my own. My only consolutation is, I got more educated, did post-master's work in my profession, and have had a very rewarding successful career in that profession since 1990. Now at nearly age 70, I'm ready to retire...but things don't change with my sadnesses about the past. I just go forth.
Erica Mohsen posts on 12/31/2008 11:01:37 PM Betty I have seen your movie not without my daughter...I cried through the whole movie. Betty I am in the same situation trying to get my children out of Lebanon. Every betrayal and lie you went through happened to me as well. I would love if you can contact me via e-mail. Please I need help to get them out but I am in the US and have been trying to seek help from howard Thompson from CW11 news. If you get a chance please see my story on his website.
Rose posts on 12/9/2008 8:19:47 AM Why would anyone go to great lengths to make up astory such as Betty's? I don't doubt her story; why would you? How can you justify her spouse's treatment of her? 35 years ago; today, it doesn't matter. If you live in a cave, I could excuse you, but do you not pay attention to news from Iran? They HATE Americans. They hated us 35 years ago, and they STILL hate us. Just because something is posted on UTUBE certainly isn't a reason to take it as fact!!!!
Nur posts on 12/9/2008 5:52:18 AM I was in a very similar situation in a different Islamic country. As a westerner who embraced Islam and commited to raising my child as a Muslim , I was treated in much the same way on arriving in my husband's country. The fact that I am muslim did not make a difference. I was a woman and I was a westerner. I struggled for a couple of years , trying to pull my family together instead of seeking escape. We now live in the west again and we are still functioning as a family . I have been traumatised, however, by the manner in which a loving spouse becomes a demon,given the correct environment, family support and legal powers. I suffered a lot and I would not wish this to happen to any of my sisters, whether Muslim or otherwise. If in doubt as to travelling to an Islamic country with a husband from one of these countries, then please DO NOT GO ! There are plenty of good people and Muslims living in the West and other parts of the world and it is not necessary to travel to one of these HELLS ON EARTH. NO matter HOW STRICT A MUSLIM YOU MIGHT BE. I love my Islam but I will never recover from the experiences , degradation and utter desperation and consant threats I lived under while in my husband's country. To the fathers, be a good and loving husband and if you marry a western woman , teach her about Islam from the before the marriage... From a mother who has her child with her and is grateful for this every moment of the day.
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