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Diana posts on 7/22/2013 9:32:33 PM I am writing on behalf of a friend. His son was taken by his biological mother on holiday and never returned. He has full custody, I believe she is a citizen of Czeckoslovakia and she enrolled him in school but got in trouble for never sending him and fled. Please, if you could help...he's exhausting every possible possibility and you give me hope. I wish you well and look forward to hearing from you or anyone that can possibly help. Thank you.
A mother of two posts on 7/22/2013 1:13:30 PM Dear Betty, despite the comments that I read on your page, I admire your courage and the love of a mother, I too left the country the same way you did for the same reason. I had two children and my husband wanted to take them away from me. It was either to take the dangerous illegal rout to Turkey, or stay there and lose my children. I chose leaving. As I was watching the movie, I was in tears because I felt what you felt, I smelled the dirt as you were crossing the border, I felt the cold and heat. Difference was, when you got to Turkey, your problems ended, mine were just beginning.
Keri Hassell posts on 6/17/2013 6:00:22 PM Hello,I have read the posts submitted and I see that it is a delicate subject to introduce.However,I too had been married to an abusive Arab and therefore I feel I have the right to speak up,as I fought for that right to do so.I'd love to converse with Betty,just as one woman to another that survived to tell the tale.I do understand the opinions of those that desire absolute secrecy of this issue.Well,I will not be silent,I have things to share that hurts no one.The truth is always welcome and anyones opinion should always be welcome.please ask betty to contact me.Thank you,keri

cougs1983 posts on 4/22/2013 9:52:35 PM These types of "true story of me" situations should never go public. This is a very personal matter and it simply makes all Middle Easterners look bad the way you are making it a Hollywood frenzy. There is no need to start all these organizations and writing books. On a more positive note; the same situation happened to me back in 1996 and my mom was a brave soul, as were you. My mom and siblings have absolutely no grudges towards my dad and we all love him very much and visit the Middle East one or twice a year. Mahtob should have kept in contact with her father because he loves her. He went to Finland to meet her for God sakes (according to a documentary), and she never showed up.
Anonymous posts on 3/27/2013 2:02:43 PM Just watched the movie. . again after many years. I will include Im my prayers. . all the women who are going through this terrible ordeal. How is your daughter after all that has happened to her? What a wonderful thing for her to have YOU for her mother.
Jaime Mortensen posts on 3/11/2013 8:04:22 PM I am a mom to 3 children in the United States and am having trouble with their father. He has had coustody since 2004 and now for 7 years he has cut me having off any contact to them. They are 12yrs 11yrs and 10 yrs. Two girls one boy.He changed phone number and address leaving me without contact for 7yrs. There is an order stating I am alowed to contact them 2 times a week and he has disabled that order. He is an Iraqi Refugee here in the US and I met him 14yrs ago 2013. I know a name and birthday for him and seen he has Refugee paperwork and a green card from the US and I went with him to US nutrilization office but he lost contact with me since then and I do not know if he recived his citizenship. I am trying to find the 4 of them and it is hard to communicate when I have found him witout the children. If anyone can help in this matter with information other then seeking coustody. As I have no address or phone#.
Cory posts on 2/22/2013 11:22:12 AM Dear Mrs. Mahmoody, I am in an English class called Woman as Hero at California University of Pennsylvania. We were told to seek someone we see as a hero interview them and do a presentation on why we believe they are a hero. I was wondering if there is anyway I can interview you via emial, telephone, or in person if you are in the area of Pennsylvania. I would really appreciate the oppurtunity to be able to hear your story from you. Hope to hear from you.
jayne posts on 1/12/2013 2:21:54 PM Dear Betty, I wonder if there is a need for a 'safe place' for women while they are either trying to escape as you did, or need a place to care for their children while going through the court system. I know of a large house that would fill the need. Please let me know if there is a need for this kind of place. Sincerely, JayneMiner
Ashwani Sharma posts on 12/21/2012 7:49:04 AM I am postgraduate in English Literature read a large number of books in last three decades . This one by Betty is one of the best and most memorable of all of then. Really, a big salute to her motherly instincts, never say die spirit,love for justice and equality and the moral duty to expose wrong doing rampant in humanity at many places.Thanks Betty, thanks a lot. Ashwani
marlyn posts on 12/15/2012 9:49:37 AM My daughter got out of Middle East - after a long battle. She went to the US Embassy with her four children. They refused to help-actually said they were not getting involved. She finally arrived here two years ago with help from individuals who realized and knew that children should never experience trauma in their lives. The excape was made possible by those who put their careers in jeopardy and by a lawyer who took the case because she has a heart of gold in addition to being an asset to the legal world. There are many cases out there - unfortunately many of the women are so severely controlled and brainwashed that it's like moving a mountain until she finally sees the light (sometimes too late).
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