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civilengineer3 posts on 1/18/2007 6:06:01 PM Thankyou Anita I appreciate the kindness. Bare in mind I am 58, and things were taught differently when I was a child. I am a 2nd grade teacher so I don't teach the continents, but when I originally learned them- that is how I did. Maybe things have changed overtime. I am sorry as well if I was nasty myself. I was just afraid that I was going to get swept up in what ever is going on on here. Thanks you again
Anonymous posts on 1/18/2007 6:01:07 PM I had a bad experience with a mideastern owner of a hotel, charging for everything, even to look at his map that was on the wall (because he wanted me to spend $2 on the copy he had behind the desk). No, I did not get into a confrontation, I just did not stay there the next time we traveled. It was if he really did not respect too much about Americans, just here to get money. I found his particular attitude rude.It seemed he was had no sense of what "community". was.Has anyone else had that experience?
Anita posts on 1/18/2007 5:34:10 PM I m sorry about what I said. I was kind of frustrated when I wrote it, I was angry about something else and I took that out on you. Sorry. I don’t know about you but in Grade 6 they taught us that Greenland was part of N.A. Maybe American’s are taught that Greenland is grouped with Antarctica. Canada and the U.S are two different countries, things are different. I don’t know I m sorry anyways.

civilengineer3 posts on 1/18/2007 5:03:05 PM Look, Anita I am not going to get caught up into this fight that seems to be going on here. I came on here to pass an opinion on Betty's book. When I got here your post hit me like a ton of bricks. Just so you know I got my teaching degree from NYU. I am 58 years old I have no desire to fight with a simple 19 year old girl. Believe, me when it comes to me you want to give up. I don't have to get harsh like Natalie to put you in your place. Although, now I can certainally see her frustration. From what I can tell my English is well, compared to yours, I may make a few typing errors, but you have actual dialect errors. I don't know if maybe you are someone who doesn't like to be wrong but you are. Greenland is grouped with Antartica, as a continent. I did not say anything about it's origin, Denmark or anything else. I am simply talking continents right now. I am sorry if it offends you, but you are wrong.
Anita posts on 1/18/2007 4:42:59 PM Greenland is not part of Antarctica. “Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat, meaning "Land of the Kalaallit (Greenlanders)"; Danish: Grønland, meaning "Greenland") is a self-governed Danish territory. Though geographically and ethnically an Arctic island nation associated with the continent of NORTH AMERCA, politically and historically Greenland is closely tied to Europe.” Where did you get your Master’s Degree from? A community college? I give up. What do they teach you in America? Your English grammar isn’t very good either.
civilengineer3 posts on 1/18/2007 4:26:59 PM Anita all I can say to is WOW! Cara wrote a post that explains it all. Apparently, besides not being able to speak and write the English language- you can not read English, and do not own a basic atlas! Arguing that Greenland(you spelled it wrong by the way) is not a Continent just speaks volumes of your stupidity. There are SEVEN Continents sweetheart! North America- South America- Africa- Asia- Europe- Austraila and Greenland (It is grouped together with Antartica)feel free to look it up! I read the previous posts and it seems to me Central America came in when YOU said that quote mexica quote was a part of North America. And it is NOT it is classified by the U.N as a part of CENTRAL AMERICA. The other countries that you speak of are non enities, and no they are not apart of North America. Just before you come on her and attack me- I am a teacher with a Master's Degree! I am alot older that 19! Natalie might be a little harsh, but I have a feel it is out of pure frustration. But you definitly are wrong here, and from what I can read you and Maxine seem to be the ones jumping down Natalies throat.
Anita posts on 1/18/2007 3:49:12 PM First of all dumba-s, Greenleand is not a continent. Look at your post you can't even spell "continent" and yet you criticise my English. Greenland is part of Denmark, but it's not part of Europe. It's part of N.A. Peurto Rico isn't a country, which is why I didn't include it. “A continent is one of several large areas of land on Earth, which are identified by convention rather than any strict criteria. The specific areas of land vary, but seven areas are commonly reckoned as continents - they are, in order of size, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia.” Do you see Central America anywhere? The Carribean Islands are part of North Amerca, whether they have disbanded or joined another country. Your saying I need to improve my English? You do it first and then I’ll do it. I m only 19 and just started going to college. But I doubt you even applied anywhere. You are so sad. Is this what you do for a living? Be a beeyotch to everyone you meet. You probably don’t have any friends. Your a lonely loser who has nothing better to do then come on this messege board to b-itch on people? Just waiting for us to post so you can jump dowm our throats? Maxine is not mean like you, you are way worst. How do you know what she’s been through? And how do we know that your not lying or making up about your so-called “friend”?
Natalie posts on 1/18/2007 11:12:21 AM Anita- you need the geography lesson. God you are stupid. You named about eighteen diffrent countries, none of which have anything do with North America, and you forgot the one territory we have- Puerto Rico. The Carribean is just that the Carribean, and Jamacia is part of it. The Bahamas's is part of the carribean. Most of the others that you have listed make up what is known as the Virgin Islands, also belonging to the carribean. Greenland is a contenient. It is part of Europe not North America. So, apparently you do need to return to school and not just for English, but for geography as well. Oh, and by the way five of Countries that you listed are not even those countries anymore. They have been re-organized, and some names have been changed. You know kind of like in Russia, and middle Europe where Countries, and territories disbanded. Atleast, I check something before I speak which obviously you do not do. Finally, no where in my posts did I say you where dating your quoteIranian friendquote. In fact, I refered to him as just that, your Iranian friend. You do have the right to date who ever you want. Believe when I say I don't care who you date. But, if your quoteIranian friendquote was so wonderful why isn't he your boyfriend? Look, atleast when Maxine responds she speaks and writes the English language correctly. Don't call me stupid, and then go on to prove educationaly you are the moron. Trust me I would tell you the site, but it is against the rules. We could continue this Anita, but you aren't worth the time or energy it takes to figure out your English. By, the way I found the site, and if you read at the bottom it says that the data is not statisically correct. That they get there information from other places, and basically who knows where they get their information from. Next time know what you are saying before you respond.
CARA posts on 1/18/2007 10:42:38 AM N. America is often divided into subregions but no universally accepted divisions exist. Central America comprises the southern portion of the continent, but its nrthrn terminus varies between sources. The U.N. includes Mexico in Central America, while most other definitions of the region do not (European Union excludes Belize and Mexico from the area). The term Middle America is sometimes used to refer to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean collectively.
Natalie posts on 1/18/2007 9:35:34 AM By the way I repeated my comments for a reason. I felt maybe you ought to read them again and give them a chance to really sink in! Look Maxine, are we still going to continue this? Talk about dense. I am insulting you left and right on this poster, and yet you continue. I am very blatently telling you that you are a moron, and I could careless about your quite trivial opinions. Yet still not quite getting it. You just said that I offended you. I think perhaps you enjoy the attention. Maybe you enjoy being called names, maybe it reminds you of some sick sadistic memory from your marriage. Maybe no one talks to you, (as I have stated I can certainaly see why), but maybe it has caused you some sort of mental problem where you enjoy any kind of interaction even if it is negative. Do yourself a favor, and get help. I mean I am really starting to wonder now if maybe you are mental retarded or something. You are the one not allowing free speech not me. You are the one jumping down everyones throat not me! Anyone who reads the posters like I did will see that I am right. You said in your last 2 posts that you were not going to waste your breath on me any more. Hello? Still going! Why are you continuing this? You can choose to keep getting insulted here, that is fine with me. But, again gotta worry about someone's mentality when they seemingly enjoy being insulted. You don't even believe in your convictions. You just incite people for the sake of provoking a confrontation. People like you think that every one wants to hear you opinion, and it is just not true. If people like me refuse to listen- you'll just force your opinion down their throat. Well, you have got the wrong one here my friend! Furthermore, I don't feel sorry for you. Yes to answer your question I do think you deserve to be treated cruely. Honestly, with your mouth and attitude I refuse to believe that you were some innocent wallflower that didn't prevoke a thing. Ooooh, you were emotionally, and mentally abused quite frankly who cares. I saw my friend beaten, bloody, and covered in bruises. That Iranian woman who used to babysit for me- she was a bloody mess the last time I saw her. I mean face beat in. Yet you have the audacity to put yourself in the same catagory as these women and Betty. Betty was beaten too, not just emotionally abused, beaten to a pulp. So, I actually have disgust for you sitting here putting yourself in the same position, as these women. No, you did not suffer as they did! As far as my daughter goes, you are not my daughter. What happens to you is not my problem. My daughter is another story! Is this enough for you now? Yes, I do think you ought be silence, for your own sake. Believe me you should be ashamed of yourself trying to compare yourself with these women- it is an autrocity. Anita, don't put down Americas education system I have read your posts and you english is terrible. quote men be abusive quote. Apparently I am not the one who needs to go back to school. Anita, do yourself a favor stay out of this. Not only does it not concern you, but you literally are showing your stupidity in the way you speak. I consider that there is something very wrong with Maxine to keep continuing this trust me when I say stay out of this.
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