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Anne posts on 6/24/2012 2:55:50 AM I just re-watched Not Without My Daughter. I am going through a similar situation and just finished a Hague trial with very just results (thank God). I am now being encouraged to go public with my story, as you did, but I am afraid. I would love to be able to correspond with you about this, get your thoughts and share my story with you. Please contact me and I will share more information including my name so you can verify the case and look up the judge's findings. Thank You
Shatona posts on 4/21/2012 1:48:23 PM I am a huge fan of Betty and her heroic escape from Tehran. I don't know if this is Moodys real facebook, but becareful Betty looks like he is trying to find you. This is what his info said on his facebook. " Hello! My name is Sayed. I am from Iran. I have a wife named Betty. and a beautiful daughter named Mahtob. Recently, my family went on a trip to Iran to visit our fmaily. When it was then that I realized how much I missed my home county and wanted to stay there. I told my wife that we were not going to leave, and that we were going to stay perminantley. Apparently she didnt like that idea. So she a ran to turkey where she got some help from people and sent back to the U.S. If you could help me find her i would be very grateful and thankful for a lifetime. thank you, Mr. Mahmoody.".. Please be very careful Betty
Mitrs posts on 4/20/2012 2:45:03 PM Hi dear Betty Glad to find a way to contact you. I have a child who was abeducted by her father when she was 5 years old to Iran.( we are not living in Iran). it was almost impossible to get her back but not impossible to god. my daughter was showing her interests to watch the movie not without my daughter amazingly she become interested not that i told her. hoping to hear from you since my email address is entered . thanks, Mitra

Carol Sakaguchi posts on 1/31/2012 5:57:33 PM Hi Betty, I read your book for the first time probably 15 or more years ago. Because of the situation in the middle east it seems that your story is timeless and applies to today as well. Are you familiar with Ayan Hirsi Ali and especially her first book. She now works with the American Enterprise Insitute and I wondered if you have ever worked with them? I would love to hear an update of your life now and Mahtob. I am really glad that you were able to get out of Iran with your daughter but I do feel bad that Mahtob was unable to have a relationship with her father due to the circumstances. Thanks for sharing your story. Every couple of years I reread it. Sincerely, Carol Sakaguchi
Elisha posts on 12/19/2011 3:00:58 PM When i see programming such as 'All American Muslim' i wish that Betty Mahmoody was interviewed more on national and cable shows for her input. I understand if she wants to live quietly as a private citizen but her story is so important to keep out there. Long ago, she was on Phil Donohue with other women in the same sitaution - would like to know if its on youtube.
marilyn budhu posts on 12/13/2011 3:21:07 AM Dear Betty and Matab. I have seen the movie and read your book Not Without My Daughter and I can only say that you both are the most courages women I have ever encountered. Reading and watching broke my heart for what you had to go through and when you escaped I was thrilled, excited, relieved and overjoyed beyond belief. I felt as though I was in the background cheering you on. I was hoping I could say this to you and I can. Proud is an understatement for what I feel for you. I remember reading the story in the newspaper when this happened. I can only say that you are amazing both of you. Thank you for letting me share that with you and I really hope you are happy now. Sincerly Marilyn
Martin posts on 12/6/2011 2:02:41 AM Hi Betty not sure if you read these but I just wanted to say how amazed I am with your story and so Happy for you both that it ended with your escape. I have read your story about 3 times and planning to read it again it is truely a touching and amazing story. HUGS AND BEST WISHES FOR ALWAYS!
Rose posts on 11/9/2011 11:00:57 AM I have belonged to this message board for years, and everytime someone posts, I make sure to read it. My heart goes out to those that are still caught in unhappy unions with men who are keeping them captive. I do not have that experience but read Betty Mahmoody's book many years ago when I was a young wife married to a verbally abusive and controlling man. It really resonated with me her feelings of isolation and emtional pain. During that time, I helped an Iranian woman that was living here in the US to an Iranian man that beat her and threatened her life if she tried to leave. A small group of my friends and I helped her leave him and I am proud we did that. Anyway, I wanted to say to you all that post, you are in my prayers.
Cindy Suehr posts on 11/9/2011 10:03:14 AM Betty- I am a teacher who shows your movie to my US History students. would love to have you as a speaker to talk to my students. Dont know if that could ever happen but would be greatful. I am right here in Michigan also.
Guenda posts on 11/6/2011 10:40:34 AM The same experience, but with jewish man. I'm catholic italian and my daughter, 6 months old, can't move from Israel. I wish I could find a way to go back home ...
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