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Nadine posts on 12/3/2010 1:15:27 AM I don't know if anyone uses this message board anymore since the last post was 2006, but I have been looking forever for an email address for Carol Finch (Connie Feddersen). Can you tell me what it is?
posts on 7/26/2006 10:58:29 PM I had emailed Carol herself a while back and she told me that those books were never published. It's too bad because that was a good series.
posts on 7/26/2006 10:45:47 PM Help!! I am looking for the two remaining titles in the above series by Carol Finch. The first two titles are Commanche Promise and Cheyenne Moon. At the end of Cheyenne Moon she talks about two other books in the series. I haven't been able to locate them.

Linda posts on 10/24/2005 1:01:08 PM I have read Commanche Promise and Cheyenne Moon. At the end of Cheyenne Moon she talks about two other stories. One about Wild Hawk and one about the Lone Horseman. Does anyone know the actual names of the books that contain this stories. I can't find any info about them. Thanks for any help.
Christy posts on 10/19/2005 9:37:03 AM I have just finished reading this book and what can I say? I usually read regency romance but this book is one of the best I've ever read...such a different storyline and full of history! I was hoping that CF had written more books about the American Revolution or around the time period. But it seems most of hers are western romances...does she have anymore that are like Mine Forever and is there a book with Tully's story..I loved Tully about as much as Sebastian...Am I overlooking these books or do they simply not exist??? Her website doesn't list all of her books. Mine Forever isn't on there at all...someone help me!!! Thanks!

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