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jennifer posts on 1/26/2010 8:13:03 PM I just picked up a copy of The Gammage Cup at a second-hand store. It brought back great memories! When I was in elementary school(mid 70's), I wrote a letter to Carol and she replied! Not only that, but we became penpals of a sort. She would send me postcards from amazing places she would travel to, like the Galapagos Islands. I still have these in my scrapbook. She made a little girl feel very special!
Shari posts on 6/26/2009 3:34:21 AM I've just recently met Carol and she is a delightful lady, even at 90+. I haven't read her books yet, but am attemting to find copies. Carol lives at the same retirement home as my mother.
Gillian Kendall posts on 12/19/2008 3:33:22 PM Carol Kendall currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas. She is now 91.

Dan K. posts on 11/7/2007 4:44:42 PM I hope that Carol Kendall is in good health and enjoying life. My introduction to her work occurred about 5 years ago, when my son checked out The Whisper of Glocken and The Gammage Cup on tape from the library. (I thought that Christina Moore's reading was excellent). These stories have become favorites of mine long after my childhood. I read somewhere that she planned to write another Minnipin novel (following The Firelings), but if she has, I'm not familiar with it.
Konnette posts on 7/28/2007 1:17:24 PM Gabe, Would there be a way to send a card to your grandmother? Her book the Gammage Cup was the 1st real book I ever read and the feeling of transcendance I had when I read it started me down a wonderful road of books. I was a 3rd grader in the early 60's at the time so the road has been long. I purchased a new copy a few years a ago to keep and made sure my own daughter read it. Some of my reaction to reading it was part of being a yound girl in the 60's and reading some of the reviews of the release of the book in 2000 can't/don't really speak to that context but I remember like yesterday! I wish her well and will remember her stories always.
miamaiamaya posts on 12/11/2006 3:33:33 AM Yea, im pretty shure carol kendall is still alive.. but she is like in her 90s
Dela posts on 10/20/2006 6:45:49 AM Hi there, I read the Firelings many years ago and it remains in my 'favourites' section in my book collection:-). I only just found out about the Gammage Cup and the Whisper of Glocken and have just today finished the latter. All lovely books! I'd really like to understand where the histories link in. The Gold Mountain part, the family Gam and so on. Love to hear more from anyone else who likes this set of unique books. Would like to send a thank you out to Carole Kendall for writing them:-)
Billy . W. posts on 3/10/2006 5:53:40 PM How many books has Kendall written I have only read the Gammage Cup and loved it. and also what are the other books she has written called.
gabe posts on 2/25/2006 8:02:04 AM im her grandson and yes she is still alive all thoe shes very old and lives in a retirement home
kristenskywalker posts on 12/28/2005 2:41:30 PM So there is a third book in the series or not? I've never seen it.
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