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posts on 5/22/2006 5:29:23 AM Just yesterday, I watched "The Endurance" movie on the history channel. It prompted me to let you know that somewhere down the line, I am related to Sir Ernest. My mother's maiden name is Shackelton. I have a copy somewhere of the family tree and some information with my grandparent's name on it listing my mother and her older sister. The next thing on the list is who my mother married and the names of all her children. My maiden name is Saffle. I have your book and have read it many times. My husband and I attended a movie about the expedition at our local IMAX theatre for free and I was introduced as to being somehow related. I was wondering if you knew exactly how we are related. Let me know if you can, because I will always wonder. Thank you in advance for any input in this matter. G. Roper

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