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ryan posts on 4/29/2007 5:16:19 PM 8====D (()) yea ooo nice ( . Y . ) nice tittys
Amy Jones posts on 4/29/2007 10:26:53 AM You tell 'em, Charles Van den homo
charles VanDen Shloss posts on 4/27/2007 7:08:53 AM That's it you guys are done. You are making fun of a great book in Burning Up, and I have had it. You are getting reported.

Jordan Mericle posts on 4/26/2007 4:55:11 PM I like taking it in the bum hole from Jacob Smalls and Marcellus Winters.
Amy Jones posts on 4/26/2007 12:48:45 PM Caroline B. cooney is a great author and she derserves better than those d bags who posted. They go to my school and they are immature and are stupid jocks.
Jacob Smalls posts on 4/25/2007 7:22:32 PM Caroline B. Cooney has a great way of showing imagrey. Much better than Dan Sprague, Alan Tobey, Jordan Mericle, and Gage Daniel.
Jacob Smalls posts on 4/23/2007 1:36:21 PM I hate people who use this forum to make fun of burning up. It might be the best book of all time. I will report you all to the website if you continue.
Marcellus Winters posts on 4/20/2007 6:26:55 PM You guys are immature! You need to stop using this forum for innopropiate conversations.
Gage Daniel posts on 4/20/2007 1:00:48 PM I like reading books. and rubbing male gentials
Alan Tobey posts on 4/20/2007 1:00:45 PM I love burning up it was a great book, I love my girlfriend Felicia more though, id ride her
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