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kayla lane posts on 5/10/2005 11:32:23 AM I really like your books and you have a very unique way of writing them and i hope i get to read every single one of them because i've only read your first two. I might be an english teacher when i get older because i love englidh and my class will do a whole project about you and your books!!!
Rebecca Jean posts on 5/5/2005 9:21:51 AM Caroline in all your biographies you never speak about your brother or what was your elementry school you attened? The reason why i ask is because Ihave to do an outline on any author and i chose.
Switchfoot rocks posts on 5/4/2005 3:35:40 PM I loved the Janie Series also! Good point about the fact that their wasn't a book, as in Janie Johnson, The beginning!

josie posts on 5/4/2005 12:21:59 PM hey coonie um yea i can't find losing christina and um i am doin a reserch project on it and yea i cant find nothin so if ya would help me that would be fab! luv ya lots! mwah!
wendell posts on 5/4/2005 12:19:07 PM I have to review this book for my english class can ne one help me?
.... posts on 4/30/2005 5:36:54 PM I;m doing a bibliography on caroline and i was wondring if anyone had and info on anything
Courtney Tesky posts on 4/28/2005 3:40:00 PM I love the Janie series, but what i dont get is, why isn't there a first book..i mean like a book that tells us what happened before Janie/Jennie got kidnapped.
Aoko Rachier posts on 4/25/2005 6:22:11 PM Your books r really great! I would like to read more! Flight #116 is down is the best!
Ashley Schmitt posts on 4/25/2005 3:58:05 PM I love all the books you have written keep writing them. Please!!!
katie posts on 4/15/2005 9:50:02 PM The Janie Novels are great! I just finished the last book of the series. She should write more of them. read THE FACE ON THEMILK CARTON, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JANIE, THE VOICE ON THE RADIO and WHAT JANIE FOUND. THEY ARE THE BEST BOOKS LIKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS I am not supposed to read them (I am younger then in 7-10 grade but i am a exceptional reader.)
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