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Mark posts on 12/27/2009 2:17:21 PM I have just finished this great book. My old dad read it years ago and we tramped round Romney Marsh looking for Jane's grave stone... we didnt find it.. I still belive it is out there ... You need to read the book.. it tells you where it is... I cant belive it is fiction! Mark
Lynda posts on 11/10/2009 4:32:37 PM Gutted to read this news... I love Catherine Gaskins books, she was obviously always a very private person... i assumed she lived here in Ireland, but having read from another poster that she died in Sydney. I have most of her books, Im lucky I have not read all her books yet which means i still have plenty more of her books to read. I enjoyed Summer of The Spanish Lady most of all, probably my fav book given that from what I remember its the first book i ever read and have read it several times, i dont usually read any book more than once. RIP.
(Rev.) George K. Mitchell posts on 10/22/2009 1:08:28 AM So sorry to hear of Catherine's death. I did not know that she had been residing in Mosman, NSW. Would like to get in touch with someone who knew her. The last time I saw her was in 1954 in Australia. I am a nephew of hers (my mother was her older sister Violet.) From about 1940 until 1948 I lived at the family house at 328 Arden St. Coogee. When Mary, Catherine and Moira left for England in 1948, I was with them. When Mary had to leave for Australia, I came back with her. I was seven years old when Catherine wrote her first book ("This other Eden") and can remember how she used to work on the book very early in the morning before school. Moira's nickname was Pip, and Catherine's was Barney. Of course, I knew Eva, the oldest girl, and the brothers Jack and Jim. I guess a lot of memories have come back to me. I've lived in the United States since 1969. Catherine's second book, "With Every Year" was dedicated to me.

Kris posts on 10/15/2009 12:02:38 AM I'm very sorry to hear that Ms. Gaskin has passed. I've loved her books for years, and just wish that I could find more to enjoy!
Elizabeth posts on 9/18/2009 6:32:09 AM I was pleased to read today Catherine's obituary under Timelines in the Sydney Morning Herald. A beautiful, elegant lady who has given so many of us wonderful hours of reading. I am now once again totally absorbed in Family Affairs, published in 1980.
Ronelle posts on 9/15/2009 9:50:15 AM Catherine Cornberg Gaskin did pass away after suffering from ovarian cancer. She was a close friend of my mother's - they went to school together. Cathy wanted a quiet, private funeral without any fanfare. I attended the funeral and it was elegant, as she was. She really was an honest, interesting and interested person. She retired from writing when she was in her early 60s, which was about 20 years ago. She died on my birthday but she knew she was terminal and had everything prepared for the funeral including Gold Orchids.
Ann Shepherd posts on 9/14/2009 10:20:29 PM How sad to learn there will be no more Gaskin novels, but how wonderful to know this talented woman will live on in her books. They are as readable now as when they were written. I, too, searched for an obituary, unsuccessfully. Fortunately I have several of her novels in my collection, and will begin a memorial re-read tomorrow. Sincere condolences to her family and loving prayers for her Peace Profound.
Elizabeth posts on 9/14/2009 9:43:43 PM I have been a fan of Catherine Gaskin since I was a teenager. I heard about her from my mother who had gone to the same school as Catherine. Mummy had been a few years ahead of her at Holy Cross, Woollahra and when "This Other Eden" was published went out and bought the book. It is still in the family. I greatly enjoy her style of writing - I feel I am living the story. It is such a pity that many libraries are disposing of her books. I was saddened to read of Catherine Gaskin's death only last week, she having died in Sydney on 6 September 2009. I do hope there will be an obituary of her under Timelines in the Sydney Morning Herald as she was a wonderful author.
Vickie posts on 8/28/2009 6:56:03 PM I was wondering if Catherine Gaskin was still alive and still writing. My favorite book she wrote was Promises.
Lillian posts on 8/16/2009 5:25:13 PM Does anyone know a book by Catherine Gaskin? whose heroine was named TARYNA ?the name of "an ancient Russian Princess" I read this story in serial form in a British magazine many years ago. Did Catherine also have many of her heroines with names ending in A. Did she live in Douglas Isle of Man at one time
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