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Anonymous posts on 3/14/2009 3:04:13 PM FANTASTIC! extremely moving and inspirational
Mindy Waters posts on 4/1/2006 3:06:50 PM Our 26 month old son was recently diagnosed as being autistic. He is a blond haired angel who makes me laugh every day. Catherine Maurice's book brought me to tears many times. It gave me hope and inspired me to fight hard for recovery.
Mihaela Cuzuc posts on 9/18/2005 2:13:14 PM I am from Romania and my son 30 monthswas diagnosed with autism .I have got a daugther 8 months old and she seems to be autistic too I want to speak to Catherine Maurice if possible

Anonymous posts on 8/1/2005 3:49:50 AM facintating book with heart wrenching testimony to a mothers struggle to be heard and acknowledged. A wonderful inspirational read, educational and certainly food for thought

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