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Karin Hansen posts on 9/3/2009 6:15:35 AM I really loved to hear the story "p.s I love you" as a mp3, when I drive the car to work. I loved the story happening in Ireland and was very dissapointed when I saw the movie. First the people going into an apartment and in USA! It should have been a house in Ireland. Please don't do this mistake again.
Anne posts on 8/11/2009 3:26:11 PM i loved this book..the suspence, the drama and the ambition.. rosie made me wnat to be a hotel manager. i absolutely love this book. hopefully a movie deal?? hate Brian The Whine, but wow, love how obstacles always came in their,the debs, katie, sally n josh, greg...everything. great book!!!
natalie posts on 5/16/2009 8:26:11 AM hmm...where rainbows end...this book is sweet with telling the story using letters and stuff, and the innocence of childhood. in the first hundred pages or so, I quite like it. the concept is great - about best friends being unconciously in love. the negetive point is there's too much obstacles that it's so frustating to continue to read. like i know they'll somehow end up together, so just quit fooling around already. in the middle of the story i'm so annoyed cuz there is nothing going on but Alex and Rosie just, at first uncertain about their feelings for eacch other, then expressed the feeling in a bad time(Rosie kissed and alex put the love letter in the kitchen--how dumb!!!) and finally shut their mouth becuz they don't want to ruin each other's relationship with their current bf/gf. their timing is so bad it's unrealistic and painful to read. I end up hating the book for a while but then decide to just skip the annoying part to read the end and voila...they finally end up together at the age of fifty---"the notebook" much??? and the ending is too sudden it's bad. i have imagination but soap opera like this is just too much. all i can say is. love the concept and the style(letters/emails), but could do better...try shorten the story and cut the DRAMA!!! Katie having the same life as Rosie=like mother like daughter cliche

posts on 5/23/2006 4:27:21 AM hello! I'm from the Philippines and I'm reading Where Rainbows End right now (actually it's entitled Rossie Dunne here) and I'm loving every page of it.I haven't finished reading it yet. I actually go to this wonderful bookstore near my apartment where we can read books for free. It's there where I read "rainbows" and i find it funny and witty and i can very much relate to rosie. i am going to read all of cecelica ahern's book!i think her writing is full of warmth and love!
Emmylou posts on 3/20/2006 12:48:15 PM well i have just finished if you could see me now. Cecelia you never dissapoint me. this book was just as good as the rest. i wont say much about it because i dont wont to spoil it for the rest of you ;). yet again it made me laugh and it made me cry. is any one else reading it or finnishrd it.
lozinoz posts on 3/18/2006 5:46:38 AM hi im a teenager from australia and i love cecelia ahern i have read all her books! i think she is brilliant and would love to met her one day!
Ilze Maskalane posts on 3/3/2006 11:37:10 AM Yesterday I finished reading "Where rainbows end'' it's sad though.(I knew actually it'll be)This is the best book ever!It's heartwarming & inspiring & so sweet. I'm from Latvia and it's shocking thats it's not published in Latvian-if it was it would be bestseller here! I tried to read it slowly(because actually I'm fast reader) beaucause I didn't want to finish! It also remined me about some similar things in my life happened-just like in book and it also helped me to take a diffrenet view to common things & my behaviuor. Thank you so much, Cecilia! p.s. It was interestenig to rearead some parts of it when I finished it, so it helped me to understand some things better(like in the end - Alex told Rosie he have loved her for whole his life, so I got other point of view to scenes of their childhoood)
Emmylou posts on 1/17/2006 3:43:09 PM When i frist read ps, I Love you i couldn't put it down. I never really read much as i could never could finde anything that would catch my imagineation. when i read ps, i love you i laurghed and cried, i never thought a book could do that. then i read were the rianbow ends and it was just as good. i couldnt belive rosie and alex were total blind and couldnt see that the were in love with each other. i found myself souting at them in my head. i have just started reading If you could see me now and its got me i just cant put it down.
Ṃnica posts on 11/22/2005 3:09:44 PM Dear Gemma, I also think that Cecelia are wonderful. I've read some English novels but I can assure that Cecelia's novels are the better ones. P.S.I love you is genial, but Where rainbows end is much better. I'm still reading it, but sure I'll feel very sad when I finish it since I'll never hear again about Alex and Rosie.
gemma posts on 11/22/2005 2:19:13 PM how can i write to cecelia ahern to tell her i think she is a wonderful writer?
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