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Ṃnica Balaguer posts on 11/19/2005 3:02:42 PM I'm a spanish girl from Barcelona, I read the two books of Cecelia Aherns in English version and I love both novels. Actually, I'm very impacient for " If you could see me now " are published.
Caroline posts on 10/9/2005 6:14:30 AM I love'd both of Cecelia aherns books !! p.s I love you is sad at parts but i couldnt leave it down! the characters are brilliantly put together! where rainbows end was brilliant and the fact that it was in letters and e-mails made it different to other books. cecelia is an excellant author and I hope she will write may more books!
leona posts on 8/25/2005 3:19:03 PM Cecelia Ahern's book "WHERE RAINBOWS END" is the best book i have ever read in my whole life.I read it in one week and i am a really slow reader but i couldnt put this book down, even when i read it the second time it was still an excellent book to read.I love this book and i would pay one million euro for it. Cecelia Ahern is by far the best author i know and i hope she will keep writing books as good as this one.

sara posts on 7/24/2005 3:10:08 PM I am 15 years old and love these books. I have read two of Cecelias books and truley love them. They are so readable and give a sense of reality through the way they haave been written, this is especially accountable for "where rainbows end". Email form is a wonderful way to write a book as it is something everybody can relate to. Also the releationship between families is not always perfect as portrayed through this book in the way that kevin seems distanced from his two sister. in "Ps I love you" the story is heart wrending and sad and shows the emotion that death can cause. The story gives a sense of a rollercoaster of emoions in the way holly can be happy for a moment and ready to die the next. i also love the fact that both cecelias novels are based around the family as this gives the reader a sense of security whilst reading the book. i also feel letters left for holly in "PS I love you are beautiful and deep in meaning and make the book have a slight magicial theme to it, as if gerry were dictating the letters from heaven. i really enjoy the sense of concidience in Cecelias novels and feel this is just in everyday life and as it seems to be coincidence in the books it is that there is a plan for everyones life and everything happens for a reason. For instance in "Wehere rainbows end" tthe happiness katie brings to rosies life is immense, although rosie felt she missed a chapter of her life when she should have been partying and not a care in the world. But without Katie she would have not achieved the happiness she gets at the end of the book as i feel katie plays a vital part in rosie and alex's reunion. these books deal with the reality of of life through death and teenage pregnency and are magical and insightful. well done Cecelia ahern, these books are a credit to you truley excellent!!
cuddles posts on 6/8/2005 8:27:47 PM I really love Cecelia aherns books. they are they type of books that you want to finish to see what happens and when you do you get upset that the book is finished. I read her most recent book and i finished in under a day and a half. i couldnt but it down. i fall in love with her characters in her books. Cant wait until her next book comes out. so excited.
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