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Andi posts on 2/15/2008 10:09:08 PM Ok, i don't know if you'll even read this, Chris, but your Website is down and i don't know any way to write you a letter or something. First off I LOVED the movie, it was amazing. sorry just had to get that off my chest, anywho, i also wanted to say, i admire your work, i think you write female characters rather well, something that is not done by ordinary male authors. My favorite is Stephanie, and her romance with Pagag, it's almost all i'm talking about at the moment. I laughed out loud when she chewed on the leaf. "wait, i'm gonna be nice, you'll like me better if i'm nice right" made me laugh so hard I also LOVED the fight betweed Gid and Apollas, I was squeeling and everything, my sister gave me a very odd look, well on the off chance that you read this, THANKS FOR YOUR BOOKS
Darla posts on 12/12/2007 10:56:43 PM OK I'll be the first. Chris I loved the Movie and my husband who is not a fantasy fan but who is hooked on Tennis Shoes loved it too, I only hope that those who have gotten tired of corny LDS movies will find out this one is not run of the mill it was excellent. I understand that this last year has been hard on you and can only pray that things will get better. I and my family are looking forward to seeing another Tennis Shoes book. You may recall a few years ago when I ordered Tennins Shoes books for all my grandchildren, they have read them and now the yhoungest who didn't read them then are beginning to find out how fun they are. Joe asked me the other day when a new one was coming out, I could only say, I hope he (you) is working on it. You have inspired a lot of people I hope we can inspire you to keep on going

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