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PAM posts on 6/8/2008 8:24:42 PM Check out the 30th anniversary edition of "Mommie Dearest" available now on Amazon for your answers!
Michael posts on 6/7/2008 12:34:46 AM I know that children sometimes tend to exagerate the severity of parental discipline. I believe that there is an enormous amount of truth to the book and movie of Christina Crawford. Joan Crawford was a self-seeking, egotistic woman who thought a bit too much of herself. Wake up people! Parents use and abuse their children for many reasons. I grew up in a very hostile and broken family too. What it did for me was make me a stronger and more stable person. God doesn't expect us to allow ourselves to become door mats. Not to a mentally disturbed parent, not to anyone.
Anonymous posts on 4/7/2008 12:40:41 PM And besides I tend to believe the word of someone who was actually there than that a bunch a strangers on this forum on make their own assumptions.

Amy posts on 4/5/2008 7:59:12 PM Dear previous Anonymous person: I don't think Ms. Boyd was making excuses for J.C.'s bad behavior; I think she was rationalizing why what happened actually happened. Even if she *was* excusing her, it's her prerogative. (Not that I agree with it if it is, but still)
Anonymous posts on 4/4/2008 10:16:50 AM Give me a break! So it's okay to abuse children just because Joan Crawford was abused. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
Marcia Boyd posts on 4/2/2008 7:12:20 PM Joan Crawford loved Christina and Christopher Because she was abused horribly as a child she thought the horrible abuse of them was normal abuse that they deserved When they couldnt ever truly warm up to her after that she felt rejected,hurt and used by them which made her rage worse +she had other problems
Anonymous posts on 4/1/2008 9:30:44 PM Hey, Shelly, kiss my ass! And learn to spell while your at it!
Pam posts on 3/31/2008 11:05:06 PM As someone who knows the Crawford story from the inside, and also someone very well versed in the Borden case, I can conclude that sadly both are true. Lizzie most probably did kill her father and step-mother on that August day in 1892 in Fall River, Mass. And Joan Crawford most definetely did abuse her children over many days out here in Brentwood, Ca.
Amy posts on 3/31/2008 10:56:23 PM I wish to respond to the individual that conducted a mock trial of the child abuse charges against Joan Crawford. Sir, I compare your analysis to that of the infamous Lizzie Borden case. The Supreme Court held a mock trial in 1997, over 100 years after the original murders took place, and it was for lack of solid evidence that they once again found Lizzie Borden NOT GUILTY of parricide. Still, many people believe she did it (I'm one of them). The reason I bring it up is because you say that there's no solid evidence that Joan Crawford ever abused her kids, so even though one case is abuse and the other case is murder, the two are eerily linked. I don't claim to know whether Ms. Crawford was an abuser or not, but I think that one theory on why people can't remember her abusing her children is because those who said she did are long dead now. On the other hand, perhaps those who are still living and deny the story today saw Joan at a different and happy time in her life, the loving, generous side that Christina and Christopher never saw. No matter how you look at it, when all the dish is dished, there's no way to know with any certainty what really happened all those years ago. All we can do now is draw our own conclusions and believe what we want to believe.
Shelly posts on 3/31/2008 10:28:35 PM To the reply to me from someone who won't post their own name. Sounds like you have issues with this subject. Don't take everything so personally.
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