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Anonymous posts on 3/3/2008 11:02:26 PM I agree Karin. The fact that she left them out of the will says alot about Joan Crawford's character as a person.
Karin Ferguson posts on 2/21/2008 9:22:30 AM I just read an article in Vanity Fair magazine, in it, there is an article written based on the recounted memories of one of Joan Crawford's other adopted daughters. The article depicts a very different lifestyle for the two youngest daughters. I found that the article was designed notto "shed a "different light" on Joan Crawford, but to criminalize Christina Crawford. The article is full of quotes from Joan's past friends and and co-workers, not only stating that Joan was more than "well adjusted" and that she was an incredibly giving and charitable human being. However most of the quotes in the article also somewhere mentioned how shameful Christina disgraceful, what a terrible, poor excuse for a daughter..these quotes of course coming from actors and the like....My point is, if the article was written in the best spirit possible for JOans would not have needed to reference Christina Crawford as a wretched person, and that's how it sounded, it sounded like a sibling rivalry. I believe Joan Crawford was a great actress, and from what I have read, a charitable and fierce person, and one who is remebered as strong, capable and talented. Perception is reality, and maybe Christina Crawford's reality was different, it dosen't make it a pack of lies. Joan Crawford was an alcoholic and possibly suffered from a personality disorder. Things were dfferent back then too, things were not talked about much, and alot went unsaid. I know that my sister and I are three years apart, and there are big differences in the way we remember our up bringning. I think the article in Vanity Fair prooves that whatever happened, still has a hold on the children....I believe Joan Crawford had a good heart, but also had severe emotional problems. I don't money is the issue, but the fact is, even if the relashonship between Christina, Christopher and Joan was strained, it speaks volumes that she cut them out...SHE adopted THEM...she was supposed look after them....I fight with my folks all the time, but I know if something happened to them, they would want me to be happy...and I think the fact that in the end, she didn't make provisions for them...says alot....and the article i have just read, also says alot too. This was not meant offend anyone, i just wanted to share my opinions.
D. Martin posts on 2/8/2008 11:18:13 PM My brother and sisters are looking to talk to Christina Crawford. Pam Dubois would be great as well.

Anonymous posts on 1/24/2008 10:25:13 PM Big deal, so you did some mock trial and research. Now why don't you go write a book about it since you are such an expert on Christina Crawford's life. Geez! Just because you did some research doesn't mean Christina Crawford's story is false.
JR posts on 10/14/2007 10:47:33 PM You people need to get over this sorry spoiled excuse. After a while it's get old. How can anybody believe that just because she was JOAN CRAWFORD she couldn't abuse her own children? Not all celebrities are as perfect as they seem to be. Christina had ever right to tell her side of the story. If my mother had written me out of the will, you better believe I'd be telling the whole world about her as well. Joan Crawford thought she could get away with being a child abuser and never be seen for what she really was. Christina showed her!
mrflyer posts on 8/18/2007 9:51:49 PM I hope I never get accused of child abuse because I think 100% of the people here who reveal that they have been abused believe the allegations against Joan based on this. Horrible. Some who knew Joan said she didn't, some say she did, looking at this world and also this message board, it's obvious there are many evil mother's out there and one more wouldn't suprise me but it is disturbing how people think they know what is real just because someone describes a scenario in a book....and even Christina denies the movie's validity so people can stop with that and the director had a personal problem with Joan and said she frightened him when he first met her, maybe she wasn't pretty anymore to him, who knows, it's so easy to depict someone as being this or that and look at all of these people thinking they know the truth.
Truth Will Out posts on 8/11/2007 1:04:06 AM In my humble opinion, Christina is a sorry, spoiled, vindictive nobody, jealous of her mother's career, success, money, fame and public adoration. In short, everything Christina could never be or have. I have an idea: let's all stop talking about her, and maybe she will fade away into oblivion where she belongs.
Pam DuBois posts on 8/6/2007 9:56:26 PM Christina is one of my best friends. Don't believe me? You'll find my name in the credits of her last 3 books, including the 20th Anniversary edition of "Mommie Dearest" So, now that I've introduced myself, I will tell you that it is true. Every single word of it. What is it that makes people think that just because someone is a great actress, she can't be completely nuts off-stage? PAM
Erich Sage posts on 8/3/2007 8:25:39 PM There have been so many books in the years following the destruction of Joan Crawford's reputation by her adopted and disowned daughter, Christina, that have given the lie to the book Mommie Dearest. A few years back, Christina penned a revised version of her book which added accusations that her adoptive mother was not only a child abuser but a murderer, a husband killer. Not only would no publisher re-issue the book either as first published or revised, so Christina put all her money into the project and published the revised version herself. You had to purchase it from Christina herself at her Bed & Breakfast. Folks, if you are a Joan Crawford fan or interested in the truth, read some or all of the 'new' bios that have come out since, let's say, 2000. They have given back Joan Crawford her reputation (this is one of the reasons, Christina attempted another go at her adoptive mother with another Mommie Dearest). Bottom line, there is a good deal of evidence that Joan was NOT a child abuser (all written in the books I've mentioned above, too many to list), but the most important proof that Joan did not abuse her children is something that has stared people right in the face and no one paid attention to since Joan's death and the publication of Christina's book. Joan had two other daughters (neither warrants much mention in Christina's book). They have chosen to live very private lives outside the world of Hollywood and motion pictures, but even today they remain devoted to their mother, Joan. They've stated many times over the years that no child abuse occurred in the Crawford home and on more than one occasion discussed the 'problems' with Christina and Christopher's psychology and agenda. And so on. So many do not want to believe in Joan's innocence because they'd rather believe the melodrama of Faye Dunaway screaming for Christina to bring the axe or beating her with a Comet-coated wire hanger in one of the Crawford bathrooms. The movie was worse than the book in dealing with something foreign to Christina and her brother: facts and the truth. But let people believe what they want to believe. Years from now (to paraphrase Crawford biographer Bob Thomas, people will remember the actress and the movies, and Christina Crawford will be happily forgotten. Maybe it's even beginning to happen now...
Miss N posts on 8/1/2007 2:09:06 PM I believe it 1000%. My mother was the same.Untill youve lived with a untreated bi polar parent, you have no idea.
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