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mary posts on 3/24/2009 10:40:00 AM Don't forget yours either "Tina"
Anonymous posts on 3/21/2009 3:33:47 PM Who would join yours, Butchface!
Butch posts on 3/21/2009 2:50:50 PM Anonymous, you are a joke. You're probably one of those telemarkets who needs to get a real job instead of harrassing people during supper time. Maybe you should start your own fan club, but then who would join? GET A LIFE.

Anonymous posts on 3/20/2009 11:46:37 AM And don't forget to start your fan club, Joanie!
mary posts on 3/20/2009 8:32:44 AM Go ahead and talk about her the way you want to, if it helps your self esteem. And keep praising the adopted daughter she raised.
Anonymous posts on 3/19/2009 11:10:25 AM I will talk about her any way I want to. If you don't like it, find yourself another forum to amuse yourself.
mary posts on 3/19/2009 10:37:58 AM I was just informing you that her career in movies had nothing to do with her children. You may attack Joan about being a mother because you think you know, but don't talk about her career. She had one of the best and is a classic acctress. You may not like her but that dosn't change the fact that she was a great star and very well respected in Hollywood.
Anonymous posts on 3/18/2009 12:15:13 PM Good, if you know so much. Start a fan page, know-it-all! It might expand your horizons beyond this message board.
mary posts on 3/18/2009 11:37:30 AM What dwindling career? The on where she won an oscar in 1945 {with no help from her children} Or when she was nominated in '47 and '52. Or when she won the Cecile D. Demile award in 1970? Or maybe When The AFI named her among the top ten greatest acctresses of all time, right up there with Bette Davis Kathrine Hephburn and Judy Garland. Yea I guess her time in the moveis was horrible untill she decided to adpot kids. And before Joan adpoted any children she was named Queen of the movies in 1937 by MGM. She was on of thier highest paid stars along with Greata Garbo and Norma Sheareer. Shows how much you know about oe of the longest running careers in movie history
Karin posts on 3/17/2009 10:31:28 AM There are many people who believe they have what it takes to be a parent, but have no idea how to "grow a human being" Maybe Joans Intentions were good, but things got out og hand and she couldn't control her childs behavior, lke she could control other things in here life. I remember thinking i was the greatest with children, i was a nanny nd thought i had a gift..then i met a few kids that tested me to the point of madness, and looking back, although i never abused them, I can remember reacting in ways I would never dream of now. Joan Crawford was not a stable happy person inside(or so it seems), and this unhappiness was blindly unleashed on Christina Crawford, no doubt, and Christina Crawford had and has every right to speak about it if she wants.....I don't think Joan Crawford wanted to hurt her, I don't think Joan Crawford was emotionally stable either, and should have maybe continued to help organizations and orphanages if she wanted to, but she should have never been a parent, full just seem to change her or bring out the worst in her. She was a fierce lady with a sharp talent for sure....but she also tormented a little girl, whenever she felt like it, and for that well , that makes her an abuser too. It dosen't matter that she is famous, famous people are just that people , and we all know that regardlss of apearences, things go wrong, people have trouble. It's really too bad......Angelina Jolie is a talented acress, but is it came out she beat her kids and pressured them, I would say the same about her.
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